Tebow time hits the diamond


Once again we as sports fans find ourselves in the midst of Tebow-mania. The ex-NFL quarterback, Heisman trophy winner and son your parents probably wish they had, is back under the spotlight. 

This time, he’s taking his shot at playing Major League Baseball. Tebow is 6 feet 3 inches of absolute muscle and power, weighing in at 245 pounds. It’s no wonder why he would want to find some outlet to display his athletic abilities. 

We’ve seen this story before, when NBA hall of fame Michael Jordan quit basketball in his prime to give baseball a shot, however his career was short lived as he only played one season of minor league ball. 

Tebow held a showcase two weeks ago where 27 of the 30 Major league baseball teams were in attendance to see what the former quarterback could do on the baseball diamond, and he impressed enough to receive a contract offer from the New York Mets with a $100,000 signing bonus. 

People are furious about Tebow signing a contract so easily when there are thousands of baseball players who dedicate their life to the game and never receive an opportunity like Tebow’s. 

As a college baseball player myself, I say good for him, and here’s why: Tebow has earned his stripes in the athletic world, he’s shown he’s second to none as a competitor and he has the athletic abilities that seem as if they were created in a lab. So who cares if a team is willing to take a gamble on him? Sure, his swing is a little stiff, he looked awkward in the outfield and he’s still got a lot of work to do on his throwing motion but they don’t expect him to be a major leaguer right away. 

Do I think that he will eventually make it to the Major leagues? Probably not.The guys is going to give it his best shot and if a team is willing to let him, more power to them. Plus, he’s going to sell tickets. Wherever he is playing in the minor leagues, tickets are going to sell. Everyone is going to want to watch Tebow take a crack at baseball and who knows, maybe he can find a way to succeed. So to all the people hating on poor old Timmy, give it a rest. There’s no reason to hate on a guy who is trying to do his best at something he has passion for. 

Even American league MVP third baseman Josh Donaldson supported Tebow when he tweeted, “I love the fact @TimTebow wants to play baseball. Looks like a left handed version of Jeff Bagwell. #mlb#tebowdroppintankstime,” If the reigning MVP can support Tebow, so can you. 

Hating on the guy isn’t going to do any good and regardless of anyone’s opinion, Tim found a way to sign a professional baseball contract. Good for Tebow. I admire his willingness to go and attempt something that people say is nearly imposible, somthing that all of us can learn a lesson from.