Women’s soccer off to a perfect 2-0 CCAA start

The Sonoma State University Women’s soccer team competed against Cal State Pomona on their home field Friday in their conference opener. 

The score was tied at 0-0 in the first half until forward Katie Mohr found a way to pound in the first goal of the game after rebounding a shot by Taylor Enzler, which was deflected by Pomona’s goalkeeper. This inspired a secondary goal by Bella Amyx only nine minutes later, resulting in the final 2-0 score.  

 The shots on goal were favored to Sonoma State by an impressive 11-5 shots in the second half, showing dominance throughout the contest. Even though Friday’s match seemed equal, the Seawolves proved they were playing for the win on their own turf. 

 In the end, Allison Hadidian snatched her 11th career shutout while playing in goal. Making four crucial saves to seal the victory, Hadidian proved herself a force to be reckoned with. 

 Friday’s win set the tone for Sunday’s game, when the Seawolves faced the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes in the blazing 95-degree Sonoma County heat. The Seawolves were driven in this matchup, as both teams battled for domination of the game. 

 Sara Van Wagoner scored the first goal of the game with a beautiful strike from the right corner penalty box, a truly legendary score for her first goal of the season. 

“Being that these last two games were the first of our conference play, they were definitely big games for our team. It shows us the potential we have for the future and definitely builds momentum for upcoming games,” said Van Wagoner.

The team’s ambition was apparent, as every cut and every through ball was played with vigilance and poise.

 The heat was a major factor in Sunday’s game, testing the competitive spirit of the Seawolves and making an impact on the players and fans alike. 

 “It was definitely hot, but I think being in Utah last weekend for preseason play was good preparation for hot days like today,” said Van Wagoner. “Our team works extremely hard in fitness to build endurance therefore I think our team was more than prepared. We did feel the heat, but I’m just proud of the way my team came out and got the win.”

The intensity of the game began to match the weather, picking up heat in the second half with a fiercely accelerated pace. The high tempo of Sunday’s game made the Seawolves’ bleacher section go crazy, while San Bernadino’s fans remained silent. 

“Our team focuses on hard work and giving everything you have. With that, will come the result. We focus on taking in the coaching points in our trainings           and delivering them in the games. Everyone supports one another and pushes                  each other to be the best they could be,” said freshman Kristyn Lerma about         the team’s dynamic this season. 

It’s no questionthese past two games have proven the will and determination                                   of the Seawolves. Allison Hadidian started Sunday, allowing zero goals and en  abling Kristen Spear to close out the sweep on Youth Soccer Day at Sonoma State. The Seawolves leave the week behind with a perfect 2-0-0 CCAA record. 

The women play Cal State East Bay on Friday, which will continue on a road trip lasting until Oct. 14 when the Seawolves return home to host Cal State Monterey Bay.