Women's soccer team remains undefeated in CCAA

The stages were set this weekend for the women’s soccer team when they traveled to Cal State East Bay on Friday.  

The score was even at zero until minute 64, when Katie Mohr assisted Sara Van Wagoner in her second goal of the season. Not even seven minutes later, Mohr found the back of the net, closing out the game with a flawless 2-0 victory over Cal State East Bay. 

The goal was thanks to teammate Miriam Bloom, who delivered a pass to Mohr allowing her to rip the ball over goalkeeper Jasmine Corbett’s head.

“We’re starting to really find our rhythm and identity as a team. I think this game was a step in the right direction. It’s always nice to get results on the road,” said Van Wagner.

The Women’s soccer team is pushing the boundaries, and proving that dedication and practice will trump any opposing competition. 

The team chemistry is evident, improving each and every game.  Seawolves took on the Cal State Stanislaus Warriors in Turlock two days later. 

The same mentality went into this match, with a focus being on winning their sixth straight game. 

In minute 16, Miriam Bloom launched a corner that would be headed into the goal by Dayna Dolcini. The Warriors began playing on their heels as the Seawolves took no pressures off of the match. 

After a few minutes into the second half of play, Madison Minton intercepted a dangerous pass by Stanislaus’ goalkeeper Haley Crook. Minton chipped the ball after noticing how far out Crook was and scored the second goal of the game for the Seawolves. 

The Seawolves outshot the hosts by 16-3, proving the aggressive mentality to score. In the rest of the match, the Warriors did not give up their fighting spirit when they received a goal in minute 84 by Rayana Plancarte at the 18 yard mark.  

The Warriors tried desperately to come back and tie the Seawolves, but found only missed opportunities. The Seawolves had eight shots each half, and sealed the victory on the road.

“We knew going into today how important this game would be for us. Stanislaus is a very talented team so we knew it would be a great match up. As a team we worked together to put away 2 great goals,” said Kristyn Lerma. “This win capitalized our success for the future. It also gives us a lot of momentum going into the next weekend with two more great competitors, one being San Diego State.” 

Allison Hadidian and Kristen Spear were in the goal-keep position, but Hadidian had the solo save in Turlock that sealed the Seawolves victory. 

The team’s next two games are in Southern California where they will play San Diego State on Sept. 30, and Cal State San Marcos on Oct. 2.