Women’s soccer team extends win streak to five

The nationally ranked No.17 Sonoma State University women’s soccer team has once again extended its win streak by adding another two games to its 10-1 record. Sonoma has been unstoppable at home, winning all six of its games and shutting out all but two of its opponents. Over the weekend, the Seawolves faced both Stanislaus State and Chico State at home and sent both teams packing with a tough loss on their schedule midway through the season.

 The Sonoma State Seawolves went up against the Stanislaus State Warriors on Friday and expected nothing less than a difficult match. Thirty-eight minutes into the match, the Seawolves’ freshman midfielder, Madison Watts, drilled a ball from the open field into the Warriors’ net and put up the first point for the Seawolves. 

Sonoma State dominated the first half as it led the game 1-0 at halftime and had 18 shots on goal, but the Warriors were not ready to go home. Just after the half, Sonoma State’s freshman forward, Alexis Espitia, dribbled down the field and scored another goal for the Seawolves. Shortly after, the Seawolves gained another goal, making the score 3-0. 

Both teams played tough defense and kept the intensity high. Stanislaus made an impressive comeback as Gabriela Vargas scored on a give-and-go from 15 yards, which Selia Torres of the Warriors followed with a goal. Although Stanislaus put up two consecutive goals on the scoreboard, it wasn’t enough to force the game into overtime, which sent the Warriors home with a loss (3-2).

 “I feel like setting team goals has really been influential to our success,” senior forward Katie Mohr said. “We always have something to refer back to and that makes us more unified as a team. The team chemistry keeps improving every game because we’re learning how each player works and where they can benefit on the field. It doesn’t hurt that we’re all best friends either.”.

With their ninth win under their belt, the Seawolves had another home game on the horizon as they faced the Chico State Wildcats on Sunday afternoon. Just after the 24th minute of the match, Sonoma State’s senior defender, Cecilia Sifuentes, headed in a corner kick for the first goal of the game. 

Sarah Lindborg, the Seawolves’ sophomore midfielder, was able to score a second Seawolves goal by a header, giving them the 2-0 lead going into the second half. Sonoma State solidified the victory as Bella Amyx, junior midfielder, connected on her third goal of the season in the 60th minute of the match. The Seawolves finished the game 3-0 and had an astounding 20 shots on goal. Both teams fought hard, but the Seawolves were able to come out on top.

 “We take it one game at a time and one practice at a time. Practices this week will consist on improving certain moments of our game, while also continuing to excel on our strengths,” junior goalie Kristen Spear said.

 The Seawolves have played their last three games at home and now look to play two away games before they play back on their own turf. Sonoma State will face Cal State San Bernardino on Friday, and Cal Poly Pomona on Sunday. 

Although both games will be away, there is no doubt that the Seawolves plan to bring home two more victories and will play with the same intensity they have been.