Double-overtime standoff ends in tie

Despite the two game cancellations due to the fires in Sonoma County, the Sonoma State University women’s soccer team was able to rally and pull off a winning weekend.

 The Seawolves took on Cal State L.A. in Arcata on Friday. The Seawolves, coming off a loss in their last game against Cal Poly Pomona, determined to get back to their winning habits. Early in the 20th minute of the match a Cal State player fouled senior forward Sara Van Wagoner going down the line. The foul gave Sonoma State a free kick, which Madison Watts took. Bella Amyx then redirected the kick with a header for a picture perfect goal.

“I was thrilled that we got the goal, was hoping for one more but a win is a win,” Amyx said.  

With this goal the Seawolves now led the game 1-0. With Sonoma State’s strong defense, this one goal was all it needed for the win as it defeated Cal State L.A. 1-0.

“We outplayed Cal State L.A. for sure. We had good composure and played a great game of possession. We definitely should have had more goals, but we came away with a win and we are proud of it,” Van Wagoner said.

 With this win over the Golden Eagles, Sonoma State now has a record of 12-2-0 overall and a 6-2-0 in conference play.

 “Friday’s game we pulled out the win and I think that was huge for us,” Amyx said. We were coming back from a week where we couldn’t train outside or train at all and some of us had been evacuated from our homes, so getting that first win was huge. It was important for us so that we could get back into our rhythm.”

 The Seawolves didn’t win or lose on Sunday, but tied against Cal State Dominguez Hills in their second to last regular season game of the year at Arcata. The game started out great for the Seawolves with two quick goals, one by forward Sam Layman and the other by Dominguez Hills scoring on itself. Once the momentum was in the Seawolves’ hands, it quickly began to slip away.

 “We were up 2-0 and then quickly lost our composure once their first goal was scored against us,” Van Wagoner said.

Cal State Dominguez Hills was able to collect one more goal to finally tie the game 2-2.

“We struggled to find our way until the end. With some unlucky calls, we were just short of pulling off a victory. We are looking forward to finishing the season stronger than when we started,” Van Wagoner said.

 With the season coming to an end, the Seawolves look to defeat Cal State San Francisco in their final regular season game of the year on Saturday at SF State.