Seawolves fall to Gators in final seconds of regulation

It only took three seconds to determine the fate of the game. A goal courtesy of San Francisco State’s Laura Shea left the Seawolves scoreless with another loss in the books to end the regular season. Earning 12-3-1 overall and 6-3-1 in conference play, the Sonoma State University’s women’s soccer team now hold the No. 3 spot in CCAA standings behind Cal State LA and UC San Diego. 

Offensive efforts on both teams remained stagnant for 89 minutes and 57 seconds, until San Francisco State’s Bianca Lowe rocketed a cross to Shea at the near post, who headed in the victory point with no time for a rebuttle. 

“I was devastated; nobody wants to lose, especially in the last minute,” said junior goalkeeper Kristen Spear. “The spirit was there, the energy was there, and tactically we were there.” 

Even though they weren’t able to wrangle the Gators in their final match of the season, the Seawolves made significant offensive plays, totaling 15 shots on goal to SFSU’s nine. 

“The loss hurt, but I wasn’t disappointed in our team because we dominated the entire game, had 15 shots on goal, and just couldn’t put one away,” said senior midfielder Kristal Luna. “The better team lost that day, and unfortunately that’s how the game of soccer goes.”

Cecilia Sifuentes had four shots on goal, Sara Van Wagoner had two and Riley West had three. Spear racked up eight saves, but unfortunately San Francisco State’s strategic play in the last three seconds of regulation snuck past the skilled netkeeper. 

After their last regular-season game, seniors Spear, Van Wagoner, Sifuentes, Luna, Holle Depina, Katie Mohr, and Courtney Shoda were honored for their contributions to Sonoma State’s soccer program.

Despite the loss, the team will participate in the CCAA Championship Tournament, hosting Cal Poly Pomona in round one on Tuesday. Seedings and further playoff matchups will be determined later on Saturday night. 

“One of our season goals was to get into the post-season and here we are,” Spear said. “We are ready and we understand what we need to do to keep moving forward.”