Sonoma State volleyball team ends playoff run with two quarterfinal losses

Coming off a strong 3-0 win against San Francisco State, the Sonoma State University women’s volleyball team could not keep its momentum going, losing both games in the CCAA and NCAA West Quarterfinals. 

On Nov. 6, the Seawolves took on Cal State L.A. in the CCAA Quarterfinals in San Francisco. In set one, both teams came out ready to play. Points went back and forth, but the Seawolves fell to the Golden Eagles in a very close set. Even though the Seawolves had more kills and fewer errors, they still lost 25-23. 

In set two the Seawolves were determined to turn the game around. They came close, but their 19 kills and nine errors weren’t enough to defeat the Golden Eagles’ 17 kills and only six errors, losing 29-27.

With the game now on the line for the Seawolves, they knew a win was a must. The Seawolves had a total of 12 kills and only four errors, with a scoring percent of .308 in set three. Cal State L.A., however, didn’t play like the past two sets, only totaling 13 kills and a detrimental 11 errors. 

With the Golden Eagles out of sync, the Seawolves were able to capitalize on a dire set three, winning 25-18. Pushing the game to a set four, the Seawolves needed to win this set and one more to defeat Cal State L.A. With the game on the line once more, the Seawolves just could not keep the momentum going. With only a total of 15 kills and eight errors the Seawolves fell just short to the Golden Eagles in set four, 25-23, losing their CCAA Quarterfinal Game 3-1. 

The team leaders in offense for the game were Calan Seitz with 20 kills, Kelsey McIntire with 13 kills and Caiti Wiesner with nine kills. McIntire and Amy Trephan had two aces and Courtney Seda had one covered for the game. On the defensive side of the ball it was McIntire with five blocks, Tate Battistini with three and Morgan Annala with one. Megan Bohorquez had 22 digs, Ashleigh Phelps totalled 13 and Seda had eight.

 Despite the tough loss for the Seawolves, they still had another game that, if won, would allow another opportunity to further a playoff run.

Unfortunately for the Seawolves, they took on California Baptist who are udefeated and ranked in the first seed. The NCAA West Quarterfinal Game took place on Thursday in Riverside. Despite the odds, the Seawolves determined to leave everything on the court. In set one SSU played hard with a total 13 kills and only one error. With its heart on the court and its head in the game the team was able to take set one, 25-21, shocking the Lancers. 

Set two was another nail biter with kills coming left and right. With both teams even, with five errors a piece in the set, the Lancers this time were able to outscore the Seawolves 25-23; winning a very close second set. With set three approaching, the Seawolves knew a win here could put the momentum in their hands. Bouncing back, they did just that; with a total of 18 kills and eight errors the Seawolves were able to take set three 28-26.

Set four was another battle, knowing that a win here would take the game and upset the Lancers. But the Seawolves just couldn’t seem to get it going again with only 14 kills and 10 errors, losing set four 25-18. With the game and playoffs on the line for the Seawolves, they showed the Lancers their first set five all season.

When it came down to the final 15 points left to win the game, the Seawolves just could not get anything going offensively. With only three kills and five errors the Seawolves fell to the Lancers 15-9. 

With the loss in set five the Seawolves lost the battle of a game, 3-2. On the offensive side of the ball for SSU it was McIntire with 16 kills, Sietz with 12 kills, and Annala with 11 kills. On defense it was Annala with 2 blocks and Trephan and Wiesner with one. 

“Being the eighth seed, and them being the first, it was a little intimidating. But we wanted to put up a fight,” Annala said. “I told the girls, pre-game, that no matter the outcome, we need to walk out of that gym having no regrets and saying that we gave it our all and played our hearts out. We took them to five sets and we were so close to winning. I was very very proud of the way we played. We were the only other team that took Cal Baptist to five sets.” 

With these two losses the Seawolves ended the Season 20-9 overall and 14-4 in CCAA play.