Waterpolo woes continue

It was a rough weekend for the women’s water polo team, losing three of the four matchups in San Diego State University’s Triton Invitational. After losing three consecutive games, the Seawolves were able to escape with a close win against Santa Clara University.

Saturday was a tough day for the women of the water polo team after both of their competitors annihilated them. The day started off with a hard loss against Arizona State with a score of 18-3, leaving Sonoma State University with a 15 point deficit. Following the game against Arizona State, the women didn’t have any better luck as they took a hard loss of 14-5 in their game against California State Long Beach.

In the first game of the tournament, the women found ruthless competition in Arizona State. In the first quarter they quickly pulled ahead of the Seawolves, only to grow the gap rapidly before the end of the second quarter. The Seawolves were able to sneak in three goals before the end of the first half, before Arizona State shut them out during the second half of the game.

Lyndsie Williams and Nicole Groat were the only two to make any offensive contributions to the game. 

Following the hard loss, the women took on Long Beach. Once again, they failed in their offensive efforts, making this game a hard one to swallow. Unlike their game against Arizona State, the Seawolves started off strong with hopes of being worthy competitors. However, in the second half these hopes all quickly disappeared as the Long Beach 49er’s drove the score up, leaving Sonoma State treading water.

Carleigh Robinson and Cassidy Mundt each were able to score for their team, helping contribute to the five points scored throughout the game. Williams led the team with two goals, allowing her to lead the team with five points for the first day of the tournament.

Day two of the tournament started off with a disappointing 8-6 loss against California State East Bay. The East Bay Pioneers started strong with a 2 point lead, which was quickly tied up after the Seawolves had back-to-back goals by Taylor Brown and Williams. The women played hard and tried to catch up throughout the game, but were never able to succeed.

“In the first game we had trouble executing our offense. Before our second game we made some adjustments to the plays we ran which was the main factor in us pulling off a win,” said Lily Carlon. “Our defense and communications also played a huge role in our success.”

Even through the tough weekend, the women stayed optimistic and kept their hopes high going into their game against the Santa Clara Broncos. 

“We definitely faced some challenges with the losses,” Williams said. “After that, we really wanted to come out because we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

This optimism lead to a 5-4 win against Santa Clara. The Seawolves started off strong by scoring the first three points of the game, and were able to keep the Broncos from getting on the board until the end of the second quarter.

“We wanted to be the first ones on the board. The fight for the first goal sets the tone for the game,” Carlon said. “We got the first goal, which was a great feeling, and we used that feeling to propel us through the whole game.”