Men’s tennis team take first victory of the season against Holy Names

On Saturday, the Sonoma State University men’s tennis team collected their first win of the 2017 season over Holy Names University at home, 5-4. With a break in the rain, the Seawolves were finally able to capitalize on their home court advantage. 

When it came to doubles play on Saturday, the Seawolves won only one match out of three. 

Max Nudell and Alec Wong pulled the doubles victory for Sonoma State. 

Following the doubles action, the Seawolves met for a 10 minute meeting in between the singles and doubles matches. Like always, they began to pump themselves up and prepare for the rest of the games. Due to the grind of the doubles matches, one of the Holy Names’ doubles players was unable to participate in his portion of singles. This gave the Seawolves a lineup advantage and they knew they must capitalize on it.

 When it came to singles play, Mitchell Heckman and Nicky Valdecanas had quick matches, dominating their opponents. As for the other two victories in singles, players Blaine Mengert and Sullivan Roche had to dig deep.

 “I wasn’t projected to play him from the start, but I ended up playing him due to line-up change. I was very confident going into the match because I had beaten him before,” Mengert said about his victory. “I still didn’t feel like I played my best, but I figured out my opponent and won with what talent I had for the day.” 

Roche’s game was a very close match that went back and forth. The game was finally decided by a second set tiebreaker, which Roche won. Getting this clutch victory gave Sonoma State the lead over Holy Names.

 “I also wasn’t expected to play my opponent this match, but due to the line-up change I did,” Roche said. “I lost to my opponent in my previous meeting against him, but I did what I had to do to beat him. I was really happy with how I played because I had to adjust on how I was gonna play and it was a grind of a win.” 

Coming off a huge victory during a time of rebuilding for the men’s tennis team, they were determined to carry their momentum into the next matches. 

Unfortunately, a day later the Seawolves lost all of their games against Hawaii Hilo in San Rafael but one, which was Mengert’s.

 “I had never played this guy before and I started out very slow. I thought I was going to play better against him, but I knew I was the better player and I grinded for the first two sets and finally in the third set I rolled through him,” Mengert said.

 The doubles play on Sunday had a slow start, which didn’t give the Seawolves very much momentum into the singles play. Singles play was much closer and hard fought for the Seawolves. Although only winning one match, they played hard throughout. The Seawolves were unable to capitalize, ultimately losing to Hawaii Hilo, 8-1.  Sonoma State is determined to improve and continue gaining momentum for the rest of the season. 

For their next set of matches, the Seawolves travel to Colorado, where they hope to pull off more victories against Colorado Christian, Colorado Mesa and Colorado college.