Waterpolo team split weekend play

With a weekend full of back and forth, Sonoma State University women’s water polo team finished their regular season at 7-17. The women were able to pull ahead in the last minute in the game against Cal State East Bay. However, they were not able to have the same luck in their matchup against Fresno Pacific.

Starting off strong, Taylor Brown scored the first point of the game in the first possession. This built up the momentum for the Seawolves, leading the team to victory. 

“Getting the first goal in the game against East Bay definitely put us ahead and gave us the mental confidence needed to push through all four quarters to get the win,” junior driver Lily Carlon said. 

The two teams battled it out in a heated game in the Pioneer Pool in Hayward. The game was back and forth as they all fought to see who would come out on top.

“We stuck to our game plan to beat our biggest rivals. We kept moving to create shooting opportunities which was the key to our success,” Carlon said.

As the first quarter came to an end, Sonoma State was leading East Bay 3-2 after Nicole Groat scored with less than a minute left in the quarter. 

When the first half came to a close the Seawolves were able to maintain its lead, up 6-5 after Carleigh Robinson scored two goals with only a minute left. It was able to keep this kind of momentum throughout the game, and was able to finish out as the team ahead.

“Every single person on the team was determined to win and wanted it so bad. The energy was contagious. It was great,” Carlon said.

The team’s determination shined through in the fourth quarter of the game against East Bay. Robinson led the quarter by scoring three of the four goals scored in the final quarter. With East Bay not being able to make contact with the goal, it gave the perfect opportunity for the Seawolves to pull ahead in the final minute. Robinson was able to score with only 55 seconds left on the clock to pull the tied 10-10 score to a winning 11-10 score, earning a well-deserved win for the Seawolves. 

Unfortunately, the women’s water polo team was not as fortunate on Saturday against Fresno. The game was once again back and forth, but the women were not able to pull ahead and pull out the win.

“Fresno Pacific was a hard-fought game and odds were not in our favor that day,” Carlon said. “A few mistakes were made that were costly, but we learned from the game. We are looking past the game and focusing on our conference games coming up.”

Even with the Seawolves being able to pull ahead throughout different parts of its game against Fresno Pacific, the team was not able to finish out as strong. The last 12 minutes of the game proved difficult for the team, as it was unable to make any of its shots.

When Fresno Pacific tied with a little more than three minutes left in the game, things were not looking up. Sonoma was still unable to make contact and score, and Fresno Pacific was able to sneak in the winning goal with only 43 seconds left, leaving the final score 6-5 in Fresno’s favor.

After the 11-10 win against Cal State East Bay and the 6-5 loss against Fresno Pacific, the Sonoma State Women’s water polo team will be ending its season with three home games starting April 8.