Water polo team end season with strong victory x

Cal State Monterey’s women’s water polo team didn’t stand a chance Friday afternoon when Sonoma State dipped into the pool. The Seawolves came into their matchup confident, strong and ready to fight for the win that they deserve and a final score of 8-6. 

“This year’s team has been faced with a lot of change. We lost our head coach back in the fall and in place we go our old assistant coach to step in as our head coach,” said Nicole Groat. “She came in running and got us some wins for our fall games.”

Celebrating Senior Day only added to the emotions of the day. “I’m only a freshman. It was sad, but happy at the same time,” said Cassidy Mundt. “Even though I didn’t get a lot of time with them I am definitely going to miss them.”

“During the spring season we were on a roller coaster it seemed, but with only a few more games left, looking back on the majority of the season we came together and grew as a team,” said Groat.

Sonoma State started off strong as they dominated the first half, the team’s defense was able to shut out the otters until after the two-minute mark in the second quarter. Before the half was over Mundt had already scored a hat trick, helping the Seawolves make it even harder for the Otters to play catch up.

“Going into the game I of course had bittersweet feelings as it was my last home game here at Sonoma State,” said Groat. “These feelings were overtaken by excitement and a high energy from the team.”

“Our team dynamic is different and I think our defense is more focused on than our offense,” said Lyndsie Williams. “The people playing have different strengths than we did last year.”

Mundt was the highest scoring player on the Seawolves by sinking in three goals, she was followed by Carleigh Robinson who had two.

“Starting the game and seeing 3-0 on the scoreboard made these feelings carry on through the whole game,” said Groat. “One of the most exciting games I’ve ever played here at Sonoma, we had freshmen. stepping up, great subbing rotations and a competition that kept us on our toes.”

Coming out of halftime the Seawolves quickly gained control of the second half by scoring on the first possession when Taylor Brookes was able to score one on the Otters.

“I think our defense was the major part to our win and that moving forward we are all really excited and pumped for this tournament,” said Williams.

With this win in the books, Sonoma State is preparing for the WWPA Women’s championship in Geneva, Ohio. The championship will be held April 28-30. The women are heading into the tournament with an overall score of 9-18 in the regular season and 1-2 in conference play.