Greek Week brings unity to campus

The inaugural Greek Weekend event was a success as these festivities brought a lot of excitement to Sonoma State Greek life as every fraternity and sorority participated in some friendly competition. 

As different fraternities and sororities team up in order to win the championship plaque, the assimilation of different organizations in one team allows for new friendships to be made. 

Greek Weekend comprised of different events, winning each event adds to the overall score of the teams, there were four different events for this years Greek Weekend. The inaugurating ceremony started on Friday with volleyball following after that. The following day, Saturday, started with tug-of-war and then dodgeball. On Sunday, the final day of competition ended with kickball. These friendly games were eventful as the different teams had fierce but friendly competition. The fact that organizations team up takes the stress off individuals, rather it creates an environment where the people rely on each other. 

Greek Weekend is a special event because it is different from any other Greek event on campus. The collaboration of different organizations for this event creates a different type of environment. Unlike events such as Greek Olympics, Lip Jam, Moon Ball or even Xi-Man, individuals from different organization don’t have to worry about the pressure about representing their organization. Rather, the team bonding experience gained from this weekend is memorable for all parties that participated. 

The championship trophy of this years Greek Weekend belongs to the team comprised with the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma and fraternities Sigma Lambda Beta and Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Catching up with the President of Sigma Lambda Beta, Dallas Burciaga, he said he enjoyed his Greek Weekend experience. Burciaga spoke about the unity that he witnessed during this weekend, it was nothing like he’s ever seen before at Sonoma State. 

Burciaga dives deeper into the unification of the organizations. “Greek Week was awesome! It’s the most I’ve seen all the Greeks come together. Not just during the games, but the overall support during the events throughout the week,” says Burciaga.

After asking Burciaga about how he felt about winning Greek Weekend, he stated “It feels pretty dope. Getting to host an actual physical trophy was just icing on the cake y’know? It was a pleasure being able to play with TKE and Phi Sig. They were very friendly and overall just fun to play with. They made our Greek Week experience even better.”

The Beta President adds that "we had some real ballers on our team. I know my brother Elvis killed it in volleyball and I did pretty well in our kickball tournament. But there’s no way we could’ve gone as far as we did without the help of TKE and Phi Sig. They got some real athletic players themselves too who helped our team in a big way. It really felt like a team effort, we all contributed our part in the games. And I feel like that’s what Greek Week is all about, unifying together to better ourselves and strive for success.”

The Sigma Lambda Betas are excited about participating next year to hold their title, Burciaga stated "Our team had a bunch of fun playing in Greek Week and we’re ecstatic to have come out as champions. We’re already looking forward to next year.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon was extremely pleased about the results of this years Greek Weekend. After winning the IFC flag football tournament last year, the Tekes were excited about participating in this year’s new competition, as they love competing for the grand prize. 

President of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Grant Peters, was proud of his guys as they competed hard for the championship plaque. Peters also enjoyed being able to connect with new people from Sigma Lambda Beta and Phi Sigma Sigma.

Peters explains, “Being able to team up with  Phi Sig and the Betas made this event feel special, the environment was enjoyable as we were able to have friendly competition as well as getting to know each other. This weekend built comradery for our fraternity and we hope that the other organizations feel the same.”

After talking to Peters about Greek Weekend, he had this to say about the event, "Our fraternity had a wonderful time at Greek weekend. It was cool for IFC to put on an event that brought in greek unity while a competitive nature at the same time. I was proud of our guys and it was cool for us to get some new hardware from the weekend. Minimum effort, maximum results. We are always looking forward to the next event, this was great for greek life.” 

The first ever Greek Weekend at Sonoma State was a success thanks to IFC, the organization of this whole event was enjoyable for all of Greek life. This weekend encompasses greek unity and will be a staple event for greek life for years to come