Athlete Spotlight: Mady Smith

Mady Smith is a third year student at Sonoma State University and Lacrosse is her life.  She is the Vice President of the club women’s Lacrosse team at the University along with the head coach of the women’s team at the local high school, Rancho Cotate.  

Prior to playing lacrosse, Smith ran for the track team and was even looking into scholarships to schools for college with an average five-minute mile time. 

She is grateful now that she took her moms advice in trying out Lacrosse because it is a great passion of hers now. She referenced the sport to being the “backbone of my life” and shares that passion with the rest of her family. 

Her dad is her assistant coach for the high school, mom is the treasurer for the Rancho Cotate lacrosse club, and her brother is already looking at lacrosse scholarships at universities.  

As Vice President, she is in charge of booking fields to play on for games and practices as well as scheduling with and paying the coaches.  She takes on all of these responsibly along with supporting the President and treasurer with anything they need help with.

Sam Sanon, treasurer on SSU’s women’s lacrosse team, describes Smith as “the definition of a team player.” 

She always willing to help her teammates understand plays and positions and “on top of that she cares so much about lacrosse as a game and is always there for her teammates on and off the field,” says Sanon.  

Sisters Melissa and Kelly Hazelton are the two coaches for the team and were just hired last year after letting go of the previous coach Mac.  It was Mady’s idea to hire them because she knew how great they were from experience.  

The two coached for Rancho Cotate’s girls team and Melissa was Smith’s first Lacrosse coach when she started the sport her sophomore year of high school. 

Melissa thinks highly of Smith and goes to say “her strengths on the field include being a strong leader, and constantly striving to better herself and her team.  Off the field her biggest strength is her dedication.” 

Having the connection Smith shares with the coaches makes for a stronger and more unified team.  

Her favorite game of last season was against Humboldt State.  

The early morning drive had a bumpy start when Smith hit a log, slicing the tire of her truck.  Her, along with a few of her teammates, were not sure if they would make it to the game, but luckily the coaches came to the rescue and helped replace the tire. 

The game was stressful, Humboldt State is one of their rival teams, and one of their players had gotten on Smith’s nerves.  

“I just ended up taking the ball out of the goal and running it up the field and got a goal.  It was one sprint all the way up I haven’t done a sprint like that since high school, then they gave me a yellow card and the reff told the coach Kelly that I should be playing rugby.” 

It is extremely rare for a defender to make a goal; their position is to protect the goal.  Smith made an instinctive decision and it paid off.  

Smiths hopes for this upcoming lacrosse season is obviously to win, but most importantly to leave every game like they they won.  

She wants the team to have good sportsmanship and to not get discouraged after a loss. Melissa hopes for the team to “challenge everyone to exceed their individual full potential physically and mentally.”  Her hopes are that in making this the focus of giving 100 percent, it will make them a better team as a whole.