Victory over the Wildcats

A win over the Wildcats, Sonoma State’s rival team was crushed by our ladies in blue. The rivalry between Chico State and Sonoma State goes with many of the two school’s team sports, and volleyball is no exception.

After playing four sets the Seawolves came out on top against Chico State. During set one Sonoma State had the Wildcats in the bag with a 20-17 lead, but Chico State came back with seven points gaining a lead over Sonoma. That was no match for the Seawolves because the final score in set one came out as Seawolves on top 26-24. 

Match two Sonoma State fell short to the Wildcats with the score being 15-25. The Seawolves knew they needed to come together to get a win and improve their CCAA overall. It was a tough loss because ideally they wanted to keep the momentum going, but the Seawolves were able to bounce back.

During the game, Tate Battistini had a new career-high of 13 digs. Battistini said, “It felt really great to get that win! We have been laying tough teams and falling short lately so for us to push through and defeat a team like Chico, it was awesome.” Battistini is a strong player for the Seawolves.

Battistini continued to say, “I struggled in the beginning but pulled it together down the road. I think we all did really well in staying composed and calm.”

Also, during this game, senior Adriana Baysinger hit a career high of 19 kills against the Wildcats. She had a stellar performance which helped elevate the Seawolves past the Wildcats. 

During the third set, Sonoma came back with the win gaining the first four points and winning the set 25-23. The third set was the closest one of the four, and it was a crucial turning point in the overall game. By winning this close set the Seawolves showed they were thirsting for the win.

Finally, the last match Sonoma State battled it out and came out victorious. Sonoma scored the first point in all four matches. Jenna Miller said, “It’s really great to get a win, especially against a team like Chico.” she continued to say, “The whole team contributed, and we had some amazing hustle plays. We all played hard throughout the entire match, and that helped push us to the win.”
Because Chico is such a big rival team for Sonoma State, these games mean more for the team. It’s one thing to get a win, but it feels a lot better when it’s against the people you really want to beat. 

It seems like every game versus the Wildcats will come down to the wire, but luckily the Seawolves have held them in check. All around the all-time series becomes 45-32 with the Seawolves on top. Sonoma State holds a four-match winning streak against the Chico State Wildcats. 

Sonoma takes the road to go up against Cal State East Bay the Friday.