Men’s golf shooting for Nationals

The Sonoma State Men’s Golf Team may just take home the national trophy by the end of the 2018-19 season. Both new and returning players are filled with optimism as we mark the halfway point of the fall semester. 

The Seawolves started the season off strong, winning first place in the Sonoma State Invitational last month. The team will surely encounter challenges along the way but look to continue their success by finishing 2018 on a strong note, as explained by Spencer Clapp, a Senior on the team. 

“Winning our home tournament was a huge motivation for us since we only had four people on our team at the time,” explained Clapp. “Normally in a tournament, you take five guys and only count four toward your score, so we knew everyone had to play well.”

“Last season, we lost in a one-hole playoff for the last spot to nationals, which was definitely disappointing. But with the new season here, I know the rest of the guys are ready to work on our weaknesses,” Clapp added. Our Seawolves have proved that they work well together as they hope to continue their success during tournaments. Optimistic about his team’s future, Clapp also focuses on his struggles as a player. 

“I think the big challenge I face is the ability to stay in the present. A lot of times I think too much of where I am on the leaderboard during tournaments. I need to think about one shot at a time which will be the shot that is right in front of me,” said Clapp. 

Consisting mostly of seniors, the team veterans look to overcome their individual obstacles. The team also has new promising talent from Blake Bourelle, a Junior form Tact Junior College. 

“I would say our shining star this year has to be Blake Bourelle. He comes to practice with a positive attitude and confidence that rubs off on people in a great way,” said Clapp. Bourelle won last month’s tournament for the Seawolves, finishing with a score of eight under for the three rounds. Starting the year off strong, Bourelle is confident his team can make it to nationals. 

“Everyone on the team is a very good player and can play well on any given day,” explained Bourelle.  “Our team goal for the season is to compete for a national title. We work hard and push each other to get better every day.” Shooting two under as a team last month, the Seawolves remain confident and hungry for the challenges that lie ahead.

“Our biggest challenge this season is that we have a very small team and it’s important that everyone plays well in every tournament,” Bourelle emphasized. “We can’t afford to have anyone not give their 100% because there are so few of us.” 

The Men’s Golf Team is prepared to have a winning season while conquering their weaknesses. Our Seawolves prove they can play together in a great way no matter the size of their team. The new addition of Blake Bourelle will surely benefit the team as the Seawolves look to finish the fall semester strong with the help of returning Senior veterans. Keep on the lookout for the men’s golf team as they move up the ranking in an effort to win nationals.