Sonoma Fishing Club excited for upcoming tournaments

The Sonoma State Fishing club consists of fifteen members who have a passion for fishing. The team has been competing for years in tournaments around California and out of state. These tournaments are extremely competitive and often times money is at stake. 

The club has been very successful in years past, winning a first-place prize and placing in the top ten in other tournaments. 

The team has had a tremendous amount of success in recent years. They have been put to the test in many different tournaments. These tournaments take place all over the state of California and even Arizona. The club competed at Lake Havasu in Arizona, Clear Lake in Lake County, California and the Sacramento River Delta last year. The tournaments begin in February and end in the month of May. If the team has an outstanding year their season is extended to the month of June for the National Championship. 

When talking to the clubs president, Josh Hanna, he explained their success in recent years. “We have been one of the most successful college fishing teams in California,” says Hanna. 

Hearing their tournament history it is no surprise that the club is ranked so highly. 

In 2017, president Josh Hanna and club member BJ Kendrick won a tournament at the Delta earning their club a $2,400 cash prize. In 2018, Tyler Owens and Josh Hanna took 4th place winning $500 for the club. BJ Kendrick and Brock Trudeau got a well respected 9th place. Making the trip to the Delta a successful one. At Clear Lake this past year Trenton Wells and Brock Trudeau placed 8th with fellow club members Tyler Owens and BJ Kendrick placing 10th. 

The club has also qualified for the National Championship three years in a row which is something to be very proud of. To put into perspective how the team has placed Hanna explains, “You know you fished well when you place top ten”. Most of the tournaments consist of twenty or more teams meaning that these competitions have a great deal of skill.

When being in the club the main goal is to have fun and compete in tournaments. 

In order to compete in a tournament, one must either own a boat or have a partner that owns a boat. When fishing at these tournaments it is vital to know how to bass fish. With the team's recent success it is no surprise they have nearly mastered the skill of bass fishing. 

The club was created for one reason, to have as much fun as possible fishing with some lifelong friends. It is important to be competitive but the real beauty of the club is that they just want to have fun fishing. 

Josh Hann describes what the team does when they aren't catching fish when saying, “We often have barbeques and other events”. 

The club plans to have enormous success this upcoming fishing season. Each member has fished throughout the summer and arrive back to Sonoma looking to compete. The members will be competing in three tournaments this upcoming year. 

First, they will be fishing on Lake Mead just 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The team has not competed in this location in recent years. 

Secondly, they will be returning to the Delta in hopes of placing well once again. 

Lastly, the team will also be returning to Clearlake this year. If the team has success like past years they will also get the opportunity to compete in the National Tournament in June against 200 other clubs. 

To follow the team’s success this upcoming year you can find the club on Instagram @sonomastatefishing or Facebook @ssufishing.