Sporting events lack student attendance

The Sonoma State Athletic Department has had lots of success since its start in 1964. Our Seawolf athletes have brought home national championships in men and women’s soccer, as well as men’s golf. While our Seawolves continue to excel every year, many sporting events lack numbers in student attendance. 

With recent NCAA appearances in women’s volleyball (2015) men’s basketball (2016), men’s soccer (2016), and softball (2017), our Seawolves have proven themselves as quality athletes. Many students believe campus sporting events lack student support, including Cameron Levin, a Senior at Sonoma State. 

“Our school has a lot of talented athletes and their skills are unnoticed by many students that don’t attend games,” Jones said. “I know our athletic department works recruiting and coaching athletes and we should support their efforts as students.” 

Sonoma State has recruited several students that became successful professional athletes, including NFL offensive lineman and super bowl champion, Larry Allen. Sonoma State eliminated the football program in 1996 and some students are confident our school spirit and support for campus events would increase if the school brought back the football team.

“Our school is unique and differs from other universities since we don’t have a football team. A potential return from the team would bring about new events throughout the semester that would encourage new students to socialize and rep their Seawolf pride,” said Corey Jones, a senior. 

Regardless of the possibility of another football team, some student athletes believe the school needs to take further steps in advertising campus sports. 

“We get pretty good turnouts every now and then, but I think the problem stems from the lack of advertising. Usually when the times of games are posted around campus, people take notice and show up as a result,” said Brandon Tillis, a Senior Guard on the men’s basketball team. 

“I think it’s really awesome when you see students and faculty up in the stands cheering you on. The more people know about it, the more you’ll see attendance increase, no matter what the sport.” 

Many students and athletes think the campus could improve its advertising strategies. There’s no argument that publicizing campus events will boost student support for all teams. While the school makes efforts by spreading the word through campus televisions as well as Lobovision, the school could take additional steps to ensure more students come out to sports games on campus. 

Josh Alegria, a Senior, offered his opinion. “Aside from advertisements through Lobovision and screens in the student center, the school can strengthen its efforts on social media,” explained Alegria. 

“Perhaps the school can benefit from advertisements or promotions through Instagram or Twitter. I know hundreds of students such as myself that are consistent users on both of social applications. If the school can somehow implement advertisements directed toward the Sonoma State community online, then I think students will definitely come out and support campus sports.”