Women's basketball starting season off right

On Friday night our very own SSU’s Women’s basketball team played against Oregon Tech and won with a final score of 62-59.   The game was close and went into overtime, but the Seawolves pushed through those last few minutes and got the victory. Throughout the game, the team has high intensity and you could tell that they had been preparing for this game.

Number 42 Ugochi Anudokem is in her Junior year.  She had an incredible 16 points during the game along with 6 rebounds.  

Anudokem was without a doubt happy about the win and when asked how she thought the game went she replied, “I thought it was a great test for us to show how much work we have put in from our practices.  I thought we really pulled it together and depended on our defense in the second half to get the win.”

She is a very valuable player and was used during the game for the longest amount of time, 27 minutes.  The game was very fast-passed so subbing out players was frequent.

Sophie Northern, number 22, agreed with Anudokem that their strong defense was what helped them in getting the win.  

“Oregon Tech was a strong opponent who kept coming at us, but we were able to take the blows and bounce back even stronger.  This team shows incredible dedication and have been preparing for this game extensively.”

For Northern, the win proved that all out their hard work paid off; “however, we still have so much more we can improve on and keep propelling forward everyday.”  

The mentality of each player is incredibly important.  Though they won this game Northern is constantly working on improving her skills along with her team. During the game, Northern made the highest number of steals and the second highest number of assists. Points are unquestionably important during any game, but the assists are too.  Number 12, Kylie Kiech, assisted the most shots during the game.

During warm ups and half-time the players were practicing their shooting.  They came off as very united as a team. They were constantly cheering for one another and worked as motivators to win.  During the practice shots, there were kids retrieving the balls for the players. It was not only adorable but impressive to see how the game brings our community together.  

The stands were filled with friends and families.  The men’s basketball team all came to support the women showing a unity among the men’s and women’s basketball teams at SSU.

The team exhibits great energy and high intensity.  Everyone should make sure to attend a game and support our SSU’s women’s basketball team this season.  Their next game is on next Tuesday against Santa Clara. It will be an away game, the team will be traveling to Santa Clara and will hopefully be bringing home the win. Their next home game is on Nov. 23 at 5:30 p.m. and will be against Humboldt State.