Snow club anticipates upcoming winter season

If you’re interested in joining a club team to have fun without too much of a time commitment, the Snow club is for you. All student skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to check out the Sonoma State Snow Club. 

  Led by Club President, Lauren Bracken, the student run sports club invites Seawolves that share the passions of all snow-related activities. 

Students of any skill level are welcome as the organization attracts 80 members every school year. Keep an eye out for club members in the Seawolf plaza and don’t hesitate to stop by their table. 

Their favoriote area for snowboarding and skiing is Lake Tahoe. They go to different spots such as Heavenly Ski Resort, NorthStar, and Kirkwood Ski Resort. They also do camping trips to places such as Lake Sonoma.

“I joined Snow Club for the social events,” said Nick Deleissegues, a senior at Sonoma State. 

The club offers several opportunities and activities for students to get involved in, including bus trips to Tahoe where members snowboard and ski. The organization hosts several events during the offseason as members take part in bonfires and fundraisers throughout Sonoma County. 

The club has raised money in the past through local businesses and raffles, offering tickets to local events. Past Snow Club events have included fundraisers at Lagunitas Brewing Company in addition to a recent camping trip at Lake Sonoma.

“The biggest accomplishment of our club in previous years is being one of the largest sports clubs on campus, serving as an outlet for Sonoma State students to find friends and go on fun outings,” said Deleissegues, who has been a part of the club for three years. 

The club serves to notify the student population of snow related activities at Tahoe resorts. Members of all skill levels are invited to participate in club events. 

“The camping trip this weekend was really great. We had a great turn out and all of our members had a lot of fun socializing and playing games at the lake,” Deleissegues said. 

Over 70 students visited the Liberty Glen Campgrounds last Friday as they camped, hiked, and took part in outdoor activities at the lake. Nick and the rest Snow club look forward to more social events this year as they expect to add more members. The club will announce more bus trips in the near future. 

The best part about Snow Club is that it is a very welcoming environment. It is a diverse group that’s main goal is to make sure everyone is having fun. When it comes to snowboarding or ski experience, the club varies on all levels. There are people on the club team that are still getting the hang of their sport, and then there are those like Deleissegues who are proficient at it. 

The club meets in the student ballroom once a month but announces information every week regarding various social settings on social media. 

Those interested in joining may sign up with a $60 fee for new members and a $50 fee for those returning. Stay up to date with the club on and Instagram, their username is @sonomasnowclub. 

The Sonoma State Snow Club looks to bring together snow lovers whether you’re on or off the mountain. If you have any questions concerning upcoming events or membership, contact the club directly at