Club baseball aiming for post season

Sonoma State’s Baseball Club aims to make a run in the National Club Baseball Association postseason. With returning talent from seniors, the team plans to bounce back from last season. Off of on great 5-1 start, the team hopes to continue its success through the rest of the season. The team has depth with club veterans, including Nick Mogannam, a Senior Outfielder. 

“This team has the most depth and talent that I’ve seen as a senior,” said Mogannam. “For me, this is a second fraternity with how close I am with these guys. Bonding is extremely important for us and you can see the results with our communication on the field.”

The team’s chemistry is crucial to their success on the field. New players have joined the roster, proving to be reliable additions to the club. 

“Jonah Lewis is our rookie-sophomore who is the flamethrower of the team,” explained Mogannam. “He topped out at 87 this fall and is a force to be reckoned with come spring. Clark Fahrenthold has also shown great improvement since his rookie year. He’s a junior and is sure to be an offensive threat this spring.”

“Joey Whipple is a senior veteran for our team,” added Mogannam. “He’s a tricky lefty with a great power curve and deadly pickoff move. He’s our number one starter and is ready to help lead our team to the playoffs.”

While Mogannam and the team remain optimistic, players will surely face individual challenges ahead. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to hit the batting cages and get my fieldwork in. In my final year at Sonoma State, my free time has shrunk with increased class workloads and commitments to my fraternity,” said Mogannam, a member of Phi Delta Theta. “Come spring I hope to be a role model for younger players and help them adjust and improve their game over the course of my final season.” 

The team faced multiple injuries last year and lost a significant amount of players due to graduation. The club has one remaining series against San Jose State this fall but plans to stay healthy as they prepare for spring.

“We always have two to three crucial injuries that really affect us the rest of the season,” Mogannam explained. “We’re taking more proactive measures to ensure the health of our team moving into the spring.” 

Sonoma State is one of few Division II schools that competes in Division I club baseball. While other universities receive more funding for their teams, our Seawolves are confident they have what it takes to compete. Mike Lopez, a sophomore on the team, voiced his opinion. 

“The team works well together since it’s player coached,” Lopez said. “You don’t really get the divide between players and coaches that you see at the high school level. One of the challenges I personally faced last season was playing time. Last year I had 10 at-bats, so I hope to see more of the field and make an impact this season.” 

The team is off to an incredible start so far as Mogannam and Lopez hope to continue their club’s success. With promising talent from veterans and new players, the Sonoma State baseball club is confident they will compete deep in the postseason of the NCBA.