Athlete Spotlight: Lewayne Grant

After playing basketball at Columbia College and being named the 1st Team All CVC, Lewayne Grant transferred to Sonoma State to pursue a major in American Multicultural Studies and join the men’s basketball team.  

Grant grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and graduated from Deerfield Beach High School. He is currently a senior and a captain of the team.  

Grant always played basketball for fun, but started to take the sport seriously in the eighth grade. He played AAU for South Florida during the summer of his ninth grade summer along with AAU for the Florida Vipers during the summer of his tenth grade.  

AAU, the amateur athletic union, is a club travel team that features elite, young players. His love of the sport is supported by his family and friends, but his oldest brother was the person who inspired him to play basketball.  Similar to Grant, his brother went to college and played college basketball as well as professional basketball; Grant looked up to his older brother as a strong role model.

Grant has an extensive way that he prepares for each and every game.  He wakes up early, eats a large breakfast, and takes a nap before the team has shoot around from 1-3 pm.  He proceeds to eat a carb filled meal and take another nap until going back to the school at 6.

To make sure he is alert and ready, he wakes up 45 minutes before and takes a shower; Grant never forgets to drink a Yerba Mate before game time.

It was difficult for Grant to choose his best memory from the season because so far everything has been memorable.  

“Just being around the guys that we have is my favorite part.  I haven’t been on a team like this where I enjoy being around everyone since high school.  When I was in high school we had a very tight group, this year especially we play for each other and really love each other.”  

Grant and his teammates put in 100 percent and they really want to win.  His favorite game from this season so far occurred last Thursday against Stanislaus State.  It was a very close game and the Seawolves were down, but they got into overtime and brought home the victory.

“We did not play our best basketball, but we still played together and that is what made it so special.  We were able to make big mistakes, but still make up for it and win the game.”

Grant’s favorite aspects of basketball are the moments, he is passionate about the sport and says that “playing good basketball is the best feeling. Just being in the moment of doing well at something you love to do is unexplainable, I love it so much.  

To elaborate Grant says that the best part of being on SSU’s men’s basketball team is “just being around people that truly care about you.  Just being around a family and around people that you can crack jokes with and even argue with, being a family oriented team is my favorite part.”  

This team is very close and they support each other, which makes them that much better of basketball players.  

Fellow teammate, Armani Nicolis said: “I think he is the engine that makes our team run, he sets the tone being out point guard offensively and defensively.”

Grants hopes for himself in this upcoming season is to stay consistent and to be the best teammate and captain he can be. He wants them to be a winning team and to “win it all,” but first win conference than make it to regionals.  

Coach DJ Broome has similar hopes for Grant and the team as a whole.

“Our hopes as a team are for a conference title and make the tournament.  For Lewayne, as a senior captain, we expect him to lead on and off the court and continue to make big plays for us and put us in positions to be successful.  I think he has been doing a great job with that so far,” said Coach Broome.

Grant, a die hard LeBron James fan, aspires to finish out his senior year and get his Bachelors; that would be a huge accomplishment for him and his family.  After graduation he hopes to play professional basketball in Israel or any other country.

After his basketball career Grant wants to go into personal training and skill development with basketball.  “I just want to do anything that revolves around giving back and being a supporter for other kids growing up playing basketball, I want to make a difference.”