Men's volleyball club trying to get back to Nationals

The Men’s Club Volleyball team was founded in 2010. For years, they have been competing in the Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League.

This league consists of many teams throughout California. This league is made up of schools such as the University of  Pacific, University of California, Davis, Chico State University, Sacramento State University, and other local opponents. Throughout their years as a club, the team has had great success.

The club won the 2010 National Championship. An accomplishment many programs can only dream of. In 2013 and 2015 the club finished second in the nation one step away from winning once again.

The basic skills of Volleyball are pretty simple. The sport requires each athlete to have good hand-eye coordination in order to pass, set or hit the ball. Each team has six players on the floor at a time.

The maximum amount of hits per side is three meaning that after a team hits the ball more than three times in one given play, a point is awarded to the other team. A point is possible when the opposing team hits the ball in bounds hitting the floor or when the ball is not hit back by the other team. The point system is simple as well. The game is played in a best out of five sets manner.

The first team to score 25 points by a two-point lead margin wins the set. If the game does go into overtime, it is decided by an additional set.

In 2018 the club had a good year but did not meet their goal of winning nationals. The Seawolves beat some great opponents such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Fresno State University.

They ended up finishing in ninth place nationally.

The 2019 season is right around the corner as they will be competing early on in the spring semester. With a new year comes new hopes and goals to strive for. When talking to second-year player Andrew Abraham, it was obvious that the team has some high hopes for next years season.

He stated their goals when saying, “To win a league title and win the National Division II Championship”. This goal is not out of reach as the team has proved in years past. Achieving this goal would mean beating some top-tier programs in the area but the team is up for the challenge.

The team has been putting in the work this off-season. After last years finish, it was important for the club to stay fit and ready for the long season ahead.

When asked how the team was preparing for the spring season Abraham described the teams work when saying the team was, “Getting a little better each day we are in the gym”.

The team will have their first home game after the holiday break.

The clubs first test of the spring season will come in the form of the UC Berkeley Club. Last year the two teams squared off in the regular season three times. The Seawolves won two of these matches getting the best of the Bears in last years regular season. The club plays their home games in the Campus Recreational Center.

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