Seawolves Hope To Continue Success On The Track

The Sonoma State Women’s Track & Field team plan on qualifying for the conference races this spring. With the fall semester coming to a close, runners on the team prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

A few members on the team qualified for the CCAA Championship last season. While members of the team have their own individual goals, the team hopes to send more runners and throwers into the postseason. The team’s senior track captain, Taylor Townes, is optimistic about her upcoming season.
“Every runner will always face challenges, it’s that little voice inside our head saying. ‘You can’t do it’ or ‘everything hurts’. It never goes away,” said Townes. “Ignoring that little voice and being able to push my body to limits I’ve never experienced before will be challenge.”

Townes and other runners try to remain focussed in preparation for the season.
“There’s so many little things that go into our training,” Townes added. “From our sleep schedule and school to food, workouts, runs, it’s always a challenge being a student-athlete to keep up. This team works so well together, we’re one big happy family. We’re all very close, push each other during practice everyday, and help one another when it’s needed.”

It’s crucial that all runners maintain their motivation during the offseason and remain healthy. With spring right around the corner, the team’s chemistry should help carry the team to the conference races. Surely, this will come with a few obstacles as the team captain expects the team to overcome their struggles.

“We lost a few strong runners and a thrower last year,” Townes said. “But we have a great amount of talented athletes returning as well as newcomers already working hard for this upcoming season. Each year I feel our team getting stronger and better and I have no doubt that this will be one of our better seasons.”

New and returning members are expected to fill empty roles on the team while remaining strong and injury-free. Jasmine Casillas, a Junior distance runner, emphasized the importance of her team staying healthy this season.

“This past cross country season had a lot of setbacks with injuries and illnesses,” explained Casillas. “We didn’t get to perform as well as we had wanted. So for track, being able to stay healthy and strong throughout the whole season would be great.” Hoping to remain injury free, Casillas has her eyes set on qualifying for conference races this spring.

“Even though last year’s conference race wasn’t what I wanted to be, we got a lot girls to qualify for the races,” Casillas noted. “Getting to qualify is hard. Everyone has their own individual goals, so together we make the team goal to do better than we did last year. Getting some personal records are always on the list.”

The Sonoma State Women’s Track and Field team can’t wait for the season to start. Coming off of a promising season, all runners and throwers are eager to beat their personal records. All new and returning members are hoping for a shot at the conference races. While each member focuses on conquering her personal goals, the team will encourage one another as the Seawolves finish the fall semester. Best of luck to our Seawolves and we can’t wait to watch them shine this spring!