Men’s basketball team drop two at home, extend losing streak to four

The Wolves’ Den hosted two exciting games this past weekend that unfortunately both ended in losses for the Sonoma State University men’s basketball team. The men battled it out Friday night for a close ending of 68-64 against the UC San Diego Tritons and then again Saturday for a 85-72 loss against Cal State San Marcos. 

The SSU student body came out to ‘Pack the Den’ and showed their support during the back and forth game against UC San Diego. 

Sophomore Isaac Davidson said, “It’s good seeing all the people come out and support us. We love and support and feed off of it.” 

Davidson had a phenomenal game, managing a career high of 26 points.  

“I didn’t really speak to many people when I prepared for this game,” Davidson said. “I kept to myself and I tried to get focused that way.”

With 12 minutes remaining during the first half, the SSU Seawolves were tied against the Tritons 7-7. Davidson came back with some fancy footwork, scoring a much-needed 2-pointer that left the Seawolves in the lead. After that excitement, Davidson came back with yet another 3-pointer. Sadly, Sonoma Stat ended the first half trailing UCSD 32-29. 

At the start of the second half, the Seawolves came back hungry ready to bring home a win. Unfortunately, UCSD came out on top, with the Sonoma State Seawolves trailing seven points. 

Head Coach Pat Fuscaldo blames the loss on inconsistency. 

“We were playing really well and moving the ball as a team, and then the ball stopped moving and we started playing too much one on one,” he said. “The guys we have are figuring it out, but it is a shame that we weren’t consistent. It was a bad shooting night. We can’t have our guys not perform, especially when there’s a crowd. But, some guys have never played in front of a crowd so the adrenaline got to them. We’re going up quick when we only have seven games left to make playoffs.” 

The Seawolves lost Friday’s game 71-64. 

Saturday’s game against Cal State San Marcos was looking up for the Seawolves. With the starting line up change, SSU took the court with fire in its eyes as No. 3 Jordan Hickman tipped off the ball and SSU charged the court.

Sonoma State had a quick lead, 12-5 over the San Marcos Cougars. 

Immediately coming off the bench and into the game, senior guard Noah Everly controlled the court with his instant 3-pointer. Everly played very aggressively against the San Marcos Cougars. 

“Getting that three pointer felt great,” Everly said. “That’s my job to get a spark off the bench when my number was called.”

Senior player number 42 Jackson Gion stepped up to the free throw line time and again during the game. 

“You don’t hear the audience, you just recall the thousands of thousands of free throws you make while in an empty gym,” said Gion. 

With just a minute remaining in the game, SSU fell to defense while San Marcos ran down the clock to assure a Cougar win. 

With a 13-point loss against Cal State San Marcos, the final score was 85-72. 

The Seawolves look to snap their four-game losing streak against San Francisco State University this weekend in Gator territory.