Athlete Spotlight: Madison Burroughs

One Thousand points. The number itself, in any sport, brings to mind great accomplishments, especially in the world of women’s collegiate basketball. At Sonoma State University, there have only been four other women to score one thousand points in their career; Jann Thorpe who has the most points ever scored by a female player with 1,575 career points, along with Tara Whiteside, Nicole Fischer and Genny Anderson. Then came Maddison Burroughs. The senior guard from Alamo, California became the fifth player in the program ever score 1,000 points during last Saturday’s game at home versus Cal State San Marcos. Her accomplishment was then followed by a standing ovation from the crowd, and a key victory in their season. 

“Personally, it is a reminder that hard work and grit pays off without you even having to realize what exactly you are working hard towards, it is a milestone that holds a valuable reminder to that effort,” Burroughs said. 

Her efforts and success this season have been largely supplemented by her coach Rich Shayewitz. 

“Rich has meant a lot to me this past year. I was very grateful he stepped in as our head coach when our team needed him the most. While it is unfortunate not being able to have a full career under his coaching, I am making the most of the time I have with him and this team,” she said.

Burroughs says being a part of the team is her greatest feeling. According to her, the most gratifying part of the last four years has been “the lifelong relationships I have formed with my teammates.”