Women’s basketball team split weekend in Southern California

The Sonoma State University women’s basketball season is coming to an end and looking ahead to playoff potential. The Seawolves are barely reaching the qualifications for playoffs with a current overall record of 11-13 this season. As the 2017-2018 season comes to an end, the team continues to face multiple obstacles. Even though it was defeated at the home of Cal Poly Pomona Broncos Friday night, a win against Cal State San Bernardino on Saturday redeemed the team’s hopes. 

Friday night was not the easiest night for the Seawolves, as they ended the night with a loss of 65-59. The results of this game led the Broncos closer to reaching their No. 2 seed within the CCAA league. They did this by scoring 27 points from Sonoma’s turnovers, and although the night may not have ended in Sonoma’s favor, the girls put up a fight. The team’s offense managed to hit 23 of 45 attempts, giving  the team a 51.1 percent shooting average. Jessica Mitz was the leading scorer for this game with 15 points, and Madison Burroughs was right behind her with 10 points for the night. The Seawolves made one last effort before the game ended when Jerrica Crosby brought the Seawolves to a lead of 52-47 with only 7:33 minutes left in the game. Unfortunately, the Broncos went full force and scored 12 back-to-back points, which eventually ended the game. 

“We had more turnovers this weekend than we normally hold ourselves accountable for,” Burroughs said. 

Saturday was a new day for the Sonoma Seawolves. The team beat the Cal State Bernadino Coyotes 53-51, proving they deserve to be a part of the CCAA tournament. Ugochi Anudokem was the scoreboard leader as the only player to carry double digits. She held 20 points for the game and 12 rebounds. Mitz and Serena Santos tied with nine points each to help the Seawolves with their win. 

“We took that feeling we had [losing to the Broncos] and brought it to the court the next day,” said Serena Santos. 

This upcoming weekend will be the real deciding factor whether the team will participate in the CCAA tournament for its second year in a row. It will need to win its next two home games against Humboldt and Chico, and Cal State San Bernardino will need to lose its next home game in order for the Seawolves to hold the No. 8 seed. 

As the season comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on some highlights of the women’s basketball’s journey. Burroughs hit her 1,000th career point against Cal State San Marcos on Feb. 3. Sonoma State announced Anudokem as player of the week on multiple occasions, including the same day Anokedem reached a career high of 23 points. The Seawolves’ highest scoring game was against Holy Names on Nov. 14, with a score  of 78-46. Throughout the season, the unit never allowed themselves to be discouraged

“Everyone can see our passion and heart everytime we play,” Anudokem said.