Seawolves split series with Coyotes

The Sonoma State University softball team traveled down to Southern California expecting a sunny weekend with two doubleheaders, but ended up only playing one Friday afternoon. The team finished the weekend one for one against the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes. 

Despite the weather ruining the excitement for the rest of the weekend, the team managed to keep the hype within the Friday games. Alyssa Cuffia hitting her first two career home runs is just one highlight of the Seawolves’ weekend. They hold a current season standing of 14-6 overall, 10-4 in CCAA.

The Seawolves had its ups and downs as they were able to defeat the Coyotes 9-5. Their offense is what helped them take the win, scoring in every inning besides the second, third, and seventh.

The first inning consisted of three runs from the Seawolves. Karly Macadangdang smacked a double into the field which got Alee Balanon home, then Macadangdang was able to score off of Sarah Langley’s pop fly to the centerfield. 

“I think we are doing a better job of coming up with clutch hits and hitting better through our lineup as our team,” Balanon said. 

Then Cuffia launched her first home run into the center field. 

After a couple dry innings, the Seawolves were able to score twice within the fourth inning. Cameron Kirtlan and Ashley Long scored from Julie Davis’ single to the left field. 

After those runs it continued for three more in the fifth inning. Cuffia hit her second home run, which allowed Langley and Flores to score. 

Then in the sixth inning, Macadangdang hit a double to the center field, which allowed Holly Chandler to score. In addition, Brigid Ruiz wrapped up the game from the third inning to balance out all the runs.

“As a team we all hit constantly through the lineup no matter what pitcher they put in, which led to us successfully winning the first game,” junior utility Lindsey Calcany Blair said.

“The rain made it difficult for sure for our pitchers and made it even more important to pitch well and play solid defense,”  Balanon said.

However, the team could not sweep San Bernardino on Friday afternoon. The team fell short to San Bernardino with a score of 7-4. Sonoma State seemed to lose its offensive strength, and San Bernardino took advantage. The San Bernardino Coyotes had a total of 11 hits within the game. 

Both teams kept a strong battle between each other with their offensive and defensive tactics. They both scored three times in the first inning, but none in the second or third inning. 

Unfortunately for the Seawolves, the Coyotes came on top with three runs in the fourth inning, while  the Seawolves only managed one in the fourth inning. 

The game began with the first inning consisting of Sonoma State receiving runs from San Bernardino from their errors. Kirtlan was able to score from San Bernardino’s defensive errors. 

Then Langley shot a single to center field in hopes to add another run to the scoreboard, but she only made it to second base. 

Little did the Seawolves realize the fourth inning would be the last time they got to score in the game. Davis singled to centerfield and with Calcany Blair on third, she was the last run the Seawolves would receive in the second game. Besides the lack of runs, Gabby Dupree lost a two run homerun and a solo homerun. 

“We didn’t expect the big bats from San Bernardino, and their great hitting ultimately led to our loss in our second game,” Calcany Blair said. “They are a team full of good hitters.” 

Ending the second game was rough for the Sonoma State Seawolves, especially since they could not redeem themselves the rest of the weekend. The second doubleheader was cancelled due to the weather in Southern California. 

The next scheduled game for the Sonoma State Seawolves will be at noon on Friday against Cal State San Marcos at home.