Tennis team splits matchups

Sonoma State University’s women’s tennis has wrapped up its spring 2018 season this weekend. Holding an impressive 16-7 record this season, the Seawolves have been interesting to watch for supporters. The team played against UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.

The weekend the school honored the seniors, as this will be their last season with Sonoma State. The team traveled to UC Davis on Saturday and returned home to play against UC Santa Cruz. 

The team had a hard loss against UC Davis Saturday. As a Division I opponent, the two teams had to set match to play best out of seven. With these match-up rules, Sonoma State fell 7-0 as UC Davis received the home victory of 14-4.

For the doubles matches Jenna DeTurk and Clarisa Colling lost 6-4. Katherine Long and Hannah Highsmith lost 6-1. Julie Rea and Jennifer Kingsley lost 6-2.

After this match, the team redeemed itself with a win of 9-0. This brought it to 16-7.

The doubles teams took home all of their matches, with the help of Jensyn Warren and Carolyn Brooner and their win of 8-4. After a tough loss yesterday, Long and Highsmith came back with a win as well. DeTurk and Colling contributed and brought home a win to the Seawolf community.

Sonoma State not only defeated UC Santa Cruz in doubles matches, but also in the singles matches. Colling defeated Isabelle Brown in their singles match, while DeTurk managed to also beat her opponent, Kayla Manz, in the double set of 6-1, 6-1. Long defeated her opponent in the double match setup as well. In addition, other single players who defeated their opponents were Highsmith in a singles four match, Rea in singles five, and Kingsley in six.

The team will participate in the Women’s PAC West Championship, starting Wednesday.