Seawolves drop three to Tritons

Last weekend the Sonoma State University baseball team battled it out against rival team UC San Diego. During this weekend series, the Seawolves fell short to the Tritons, ending the series in a 3-1 loss. 

The opening game on Friday gave the Seawolves a run for their money. Starter, right-handed pitcher and senior Michael Warning stretched out to pitch six innings and did not give up any runs. 

Being a first time starter, Warning did a phenomenal job on the mound. “Well, this was my first start this season,” he said. “Before I pitch I like to visualize throwing and executing all my pitches as well as me executing certain situations that I might face in the game, such as bunts.” 

After pulling Warning in the sixth, Sonoma State’s head coach, John Goelz, substituted No. 25 senior Niccolas Vega, who did not even complete a full inning before the UC Tritons took the lead. After his one and only mound visit, Goelz pulled Vega and replaced him with junior Rory McDaid, who also gave up runs and did not last too long on the mound. After McDaid came right-handed pitcher and junior Michael Gutierrez, who finished off the game. Going through a bullpen that fast hurt the Seawolves’ changes during this first series game, ending in a hard loss, 7-4 in favor of UC San Diego. 

Early Saturday morning Sonoma State charged the field in hopes of bringing home two victories, but sadly, two tough losses was the true fate of the Seawolves. 

Staring off the first game, Sonoma State’s Bryce Nagata and Anthony Clyma scored a couple runs from a throwing error on San Diego’s part, getting the Seawolves on the board. 

However, the Tritons did not give up, coming back and scoring in the third. Thankfully, senior Zach Guardino made two unbelievable catches preventing two UCSD home runs.  

Sonoma State was giving it its all with yet another run in the fourth. However, something SSU could not afford to do was give up anything due to errors. Sadly, that is exactly what happened in the sixth when UC San Diego took the lead and ran with it. 

This game ended in a 7-3 loss against the Tritons. 

The second game on Saturday only went seven innings and ended in another tough loss for the Seawolves. Sonoma State’s Joshua Montelongo scored for the Seawolves. However, the Tritions came back again with two runs in the third, costing Sonoma State the game because of careless errors. Sonoma State fought back Sunday at 11 a.m. Starting off for the Seawolves was yet another right-handed pitcher, Michael Byerline, who remained calm, cool and collected during his outing. 

“Of course I hear the other team, but it doesn’t bother me at all actually,” Byerline said. “Some of the stuff they say actually makes me laugh, but besides that I know that I have complete control over the game while I’m on the mound and nothing they say should affect the outcome of how I pitch.” 

Daniel Hawkins allowed the Seawolves the first run of the game by a ground out so Nagata could come home.

During this final game, Hawkins was a designated hitter, but still motivated his team in the dugout. 

“As a DH it can be easy to check out when your team is on defense,” he said. “I tend to really get involved without dugout and I make sure that every man is locked in and behind our guys playing defense. Also, since I am a catcher, I tend to work with our pitcher and catcher that are in the game and give them advice on things I see that are going on. Any chance to help my team succeed, I’ll do it.” 

The Tritons took the lead 2-1, but only for a split second as the Seawolves came back and attacked. With bases loaded Rayson Romero drove home a run for SSU with a hit-by-pitch. 

The Seawolves took home a win during this series against the UC San Diego Tritons, ending the final game in a 4-2 win. 

“We were able to bounce back because we trust each other no matter who’s in the lineup. It’s different everyday so we’re all ready to play for the person next to us,” Sahagian said. “No matter what if were down 3-0 or up 3-0, nothing changes; we all have faith in each other.”

Sonoma State men’s baseball will be playing a weekend series away against California State San Marcos this upcoming weekend, starting at 3 p.m. on Friday.