Softball team takes series against Cougars

The Sonoma State University softball team played the Cal State San Marcos Cougars this weekend in Rohnert Park. The team currently holds an overall season record of 17-7, and almost managed a complete sweep, winning three in a row until the last game on Saturday afternoon. 

Friday consisted of two very quick and low-scoring games. In game one the Seawolves defeated San Marcos 3-1. Sonoma State scored once in the first inning and managed to prevent San Marcos from scoring until the fourth inning. The teams could not surpass the others’ defense, as they were each unable to score throughout most of the game. Finally, Alyssa Cuffia scored a home run to the left center field, which eventually brought home Sarah Langley and Alex Flores. 

In part two of Friday’s doubleheader the Seawolves won once again, 4-2. Sonoma State started the game strong with two runs in the first inning, first when Karly Macadangdang scored a home run to the left field and brought home Flores. They were able to score once in the second inning from Julie Davis, and in the third inning Cuffia slammed a home run to left field. Sonoma State kept off San Marcos and only allowed it to score in the fourth and sixth inning. 

Saturday started off as if the Seawolves were about to sweep up San Marcos right off their feet. Game one was a mercy win; Sonoma State won 17-1. 

“We didn’t take San Marcos lightly and tried to stay on top all series,” Lindsey Calcany Blair said.  

The Seawolves stormed into the first inning with six runs. The first run was from an error by San Marcos’ pitcher, which allowed Davis to score. However, the Seawolves took advantage of this and began to put their bats up. Doubles from Langley and Cierra Hylton brought home two runners. After the first inning San Marcos was starting to get rattled, as they started making more errors. Long managed to bunt a single to the pitcher so Cuffia was able to score. Macadangdang was the only one who scored in the second inning with a home run. Already up 7-0, Sonoma State smashed six more runs in the third inning. Macadangdang was then walked, which allowed Long to score. 

Langley singled to the left side and from the throws between the defense, Sonoma State players were able to advance throughout bases. This allowed Davis and Cameron Kirtlan to score. Then another error occurred which allowed Macadangdang to score from the shortstop error. The last run throughout the inning was Calcany Blair, as she doubled to left field so Cuffia and Langley both made it home. Within the fourth inning four more runs rolled home, when Macadangdang got hit by a pitch which pushed Kirtlan to score. Following that, Langley launched a pop fly to the right field, scoring Davis. The last run of the game was Hylton hitting a double to the centerfield so Macadangdang and Flores scored. Sonoma State’s playing cut the game short to only five innings. 

In game two, San Marcos did not allow Sonoma State to go home with the sweep. San Marcos revealed its ambition, scoring eight times within the first inning. Sonoma State was only able to score once in the first inning when Langley flew a ball out to the right field and Davis scored. In the second inning, Davis singled to the left field, advancing to second base, which then allowed Kirtland to score. Flores then doubled to the left field and Davis scored. Then Macadangdang singled to the centerfield and Flores scored. However, the Seawolves could not get another run until the seventh inning. They were only able to score once from Flores singling up to the middle field, advancing Davis to second and sending Calcany Blair home. 

“I’m not even thinking about the end of season just quite yet, just taking it one game at a time,” Calcany Blair said. 

The Seawolves will play again  at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, at home against Pace University.