Seawolves drop three to Gators at home

The Sonoma State University softball team hosted back-to-back doubleheaders against San Francisco State University on Friday and Saturday. The team also honored its seniors this weekend, as it will be their last home game for the spring season. 

Nine seniors will be leaving the team: Malory Masajlo, Sarah Langley, Jenn Amaral, Gabby Dupree, Karly Macadangdang, Aubrey Blankenburg, Ashley Long, Brigid Ruiz and Jordann White.

For the Seawolves, the weekend consisted of only one win and three losses against the Gators. This placed the team with an overall record of 26-21. 

On Friday the Seawolves came out swinging, defeating the Gators 2-1. Ruiz pitched the entire opening game and managed to only give up seven hits, one run and a successful strikeout. Ruiz got caught in a rough patch with bases loaded in the fourth inning and only one out. The team only lost one run and was able to wrap up the inning and put its bats to the plate. 

In total, the team’s offense had six hits off San Francisco’s pitching. It scored the two runs within the fifth inning. It began as Lindsey Calcany Blair tapped a single, which Julie Davis followed with another single. These two singles pushed runners on to first and second base, which provided some hope for the Seawolves. 

Next was a bunt from Cameron Kirtlan, which shifted Davis to move to second even though Calcany Blair was out. Finally, Alee Balanon launched a double to left center so Davis and Kirtlan were able to score. This placed Sonoma State in the lead of 2-1. After this fifth inning San Francisco was incapable of scoring for the rest of the first game. 

However, Friday took a turn for the worse, as the Gators took the game 5-0. 

Ruiz took a break from pitching and Brielle Vidmar stepped into the circle. Unfortunately, the game went into the Gators’ hands as San Francisco’s Mallory Cleveland managed to get on first base from a dropped pop fly. This lead to five runs from San Francisco State within the second inning. It hit two singles into centerfield and one triple into right center. In all seven innings of the game, Sonoma State was only able to push three hits. 

Saturday was not in the Seawolves’ favor either. San Francisco took charge of the game and won 7-1. The Gators attacked with five runs by the second inning. Ruiz opened the game once again, but was then given a rest and let Dupree take over.

Sonoma State was able to score from Langley’s single to the left field, which brought Julie Davis dashing home. It worked for a total of seven hits during the game, which was its peak of the weekend. 

Game two was more intense for both teams. Sonoma State brought out sophomore Teresa Danenberg to pitch for the entire eight innings. The defense helped Danenberg with a total of six hits throughout the game. 

The two teams tied each other at the bottom of the first inning, until San Francisco State scored in the first inning from a defensive throwing error. However, after two back-to-back doubles Davis was able to score from Balanon’s double. 

The tie was then broken in the eighth inning when Danenberg accidentally hit a batter, allowing the third base runner to reach home base. The game was then wrapped with an additional three runs by the end of this inning. The Seawolves would then not receive another opportunity to improve their runs. 

The team will have another chance to show its Seawolf pride next Friday at Humboldt State University, which will wrap up the regular season and enter the CCAA Tournament. First pitch is set for 1 p.m.