Waterpolo team falls to Sunbirds

The Sonoma State University women’s water polo team traveled down to Fresno last weekend to take on the Sunbirds of Fresno Pacific University. The first period of the matchup was very well contested and resulted in a 3-3 score after the first period of play. 

The Sunbirds were led by Julia Ponce, Emma McBride and Hannah Holly who all came out with one goal a piece after the first period of play. The Seawolves returned the favor with one goal apiece by Amanda Weddle, Cassidy Mundt and Lily Carlon. 

The Seawolves quickly opened up the second period with a power play goal by Carlon, with Taylor Brown assisting. The Sunbirds fired back with a score of their own by the efforts of Emily Knowles. The Seawolves looked to finish off the second period strong by scoring another goal, which was scored by Taylor Brooks with three minutes left to play. 

Going into the second period of the half, the Seawolves were ahead 5-4 with a whole other period to play. The Sunbirds came out scoring an early equalizer in the third period thanks to the efforts of Sam Witt, which brought the scoreline to 5-5. 

The Seawolves quickly retaliated by picking up three more goals in the final three minutes of the third period. Brown, Mundt and Jojo Williams were responsible for building a comfortable lead. The teams entered the fourth and final period with Sonoma State leading  8-5. 

The first goal in the fourth period was scored by Carlon, her second goal of the day to push the Seawolves to a 9-5 lead. However, the Sunbirds weren’t ready to give up yet. 

Fresno quickly took control of the game back after picking up six more goals in the period. While Sonoma State managed to slip one more goal past the Sunbirds in the fourth period thanks to Williams, it wasn’t enough to overtake its opponents. 

The final score left Fresno Pacific ahead of the Seawolves 11-10.  The lead contributors towards the final six goals in the fourth were lead by Holly, who picked up three goals, Knowles, who brought in two and Emily Woodruff brought in one with an assist from Gabriella Garcia-Roy. 

The Seawolves ultimately fell to the Fresno Pacific Sunbirds by a score of 11-10 in a hard-fought battle. With the tough loss, the Seawolves finish their regular season with a record of 6-18. 

The Seawolves will travel to face off in the WWPA Championship tournament that will start on Friday in La Jolla.