Intramural sports give students a fun and healthy outlet

If you’re trying to meet new people and looking for a fun way to get exercise, intramural sports at Sonoma State University are the activity you’ve been looking for.

 Intramural sports are a great way for people with any level of experience to become part of a team and play against other teams comprised of Sonoma State students. 

There are three divisions; Coed, Men’s, and Women’s teams depending on the sport. 

In addition, there are two leagues: Pros and Joes. The Pro league is for seasoned veterans of the sport who may have played in high school, but are looking for something less time consuming compared to the club teams or National Collegiate Athletic Association level. The Joe division is just as competitive but is designed for people new to the sport. 

Intramural club teams differ from Sonoma State sports clubs because with intramurals you will be competing against other Sonoma State students. In club sports you will be competing against teams from other schools. 

Club sports regularly go for a semester or full year based on the club, but intramural seasons only go for 4-6 weeks. 

There are two seasons every semester. Sports for season one include: basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer (futsal) and flag football. Signups for season one are due by Aug. 29th. Play begins on Sept. 2nd, and Aug. 30th is the managers meeting. After the managers meeting, the coordinators will compose the schedule for all of the divisions and leagues.

 Teams that make it to playoffs will go into the 5th and 6th weeks, and winners will receive a t-shirt designed by a Sonoma State student.

The intramural sports coordinators this year are students Alec Rodriguez and Zac Taugher. According to them, the most important feature of intramurals is that everyone is having fun and displaying good sportsmanship. 

“We really push for good sportsmanship. One of our policies is that after every game the refs and supervisors rate the team on sportsmanship on a scale of 1-5,” says Rodriguez. 

Taugher explains  that when the regular season finishes up, the teams that are above 500 go on to the playoffs, as long as they have an average sportsmanship score of 3. 

Rodriguez has played multiple sports since his sophomore year and says one of his favorite aspects of intramurals is meeting new people. Taugher played volleyball last year and even though his team didn’t do so well, he was pleased that he still had a fun time and was able to get good exercise.

If you have a group of people that want to be on a team together, visit the Rec Center and fill out the team sign up form. Teams can range from as little as five people to as many as twenty.

 If you need an extra person or want to be on a team but don’t have other people, go check out the free agent sign up sheet in the Recreation Center and the staff there can assist you. 

There is a team fee of $60 to $70 dollars to staff the games and every team is guaranteed at least four games. To be eligible to play for an intramural sports team you must be either an enrolled student, faculty, staff or registered alumni with Sonoma State.

 In addition, every participant must sign an assumption of risk form. During their season, intercollegiate athletes are not allowed to participate in their sport. 

When signing up, the manager is required to make a team on
     They will then add all participants on their team and this will be the best way to get notifications and stay up to date. 

For any additional information visit the RecreIssue ation Center located in the building across from the Student Center or email