Women's Volleyball starts season with three-set sweep

The Sonoma State University Women’s Volleyball team played against Pacific Union College at the Wolves’ Den on August 23, kicking off the first game of the NorCal Volleyball Classic Tournament.  

They won each set by at least nine points, finishing off the first at 25-15, the second at 25-16, and the third at 25-15.  Overall, the team got 43 kills, 40 assists, and 53 digs.

Right off the bat the Seawolves scored 6 points in the first set, barely letting Pacific Union College score a single point.  Pacific Union College made an impressive attempt diving for a ball in the first set but the Seawolves got their point. Pacific Union College nearly caught up towards the end of the set with a score of 20-15, but the Seawolves triumphed with a nine point lead.

The second set started just as fiercely as the first with the Seawolves winning a 5-0 lead in the first couple minutes.  However, Pacific Union College set off the third period scoring the first three points.

The Seawolves seemed to have gotten a bit tired, tieing with Pacific Union College at 7-7.  

However, they picked back up again and defeated Pacific Union College with a 10 point lead at the end of the last set.

Promptly after finishing the game, the Seawolves jetted off for their weekend tournament in Turlock where they will be playing against Academy of Art University, University of Antelope Valley, and Georgia College.  

This tournament will be followed by a game on Monday in San Rafael and another four game tournament next weekend.

This game set off a good start to the season with Head Coach Bear Grassl admitting that the girls “looked more relaxed...calm...and smooth.” 

 The Seawolves played against a couple of tough teams last week, taking the pressure off for their game against Pacific Union College, which seemed to be an easy win.  

With only one senior on the team this season, Coach Grassl was “glad [they] could stay calm and be smooth about what [they] needed to do.”

For a young team, the girls played very well with a sophomore leading the team in the first set, getting the team to a 6-0 scoreboard.

Coach Grassi said that their goals for the season are to “play hard and have fun,” and although they are a young team, having a calm and smooth composure leads to confidence on the court and smart playing decisions, hopefully resulting in good wins for the Seawolves.

Although Pacific Union College is not a tough competitor for Sonoma State Women’s Volleyball, hopefully their relaxed composure continues to spill out throughout the season.