Men’s club soccer team looks to instill family values and a winning culture

There are many different ways to find your own group at Sonoma State. Whether it's joining a club, student government or even greek life. For many individuals and students, finding a place of belonging is an important aspect of many peoples lives. The Sonoma State Men's Club Soccer Team is looking to coincide athletics and brotherhood. This club is for players who still want to play soccer for sport without having to fully commit themselves, such as the athletes that play for the school. Club sports are a great way for athletes to continue with their craft and enjoy the hobby they've been playing for their whole lives. 

Garret Kustin, President of Men's Soccer Club, is a fourth-year psychology major here at Sonoma State and assumed the presidency position when he was a sophomore. He's been playing soccer since he could walk. His father played soccer for his entire life and once Kustin was able to walk, there was always a soccer ball under his feet. He states that "It developed into something special and something I loved to do.”

Kustin's overarching goal and vision throughout his terms as president was to create a tradition and culture of family within the club. 

With only 20 spots on the team, Kustin has a huge responsibility on deciding who makes the final cut.

The group of 20 people who makes it on the team are joining something special that Kustin created. This family environment stretches back since two-years ago when he created this vision while president. 

Kustin goes on to say, "One thing I made sure to do when I took over the club team my sophomore year was to make it a family where we all hung out together and became close.” Once accepted into the club, the hope is that it becomes a lifelong bond that stays past graduation. Kustin continues to add, "This club team offers not only the chance to play other colleges but a family to go to, to be a part of something special with 56 other guys.”  

Austin Dameron, a senior at Sonoma State, talks about his experience being a part of the club soccer team. He has been involved with the club team since last year, and he talked about the relationships that were made there. Dameron states, "I've made some great friends that I wouldn't have met if I weren't on the team." 

Not only is the club soccer team a group of great friends, they are also extremely competitive with each other. Everyone on the team pushes each other to the best of their abilities during practice, and in any competition, everyone on the club team is out there to have a fun time and to get better at their craft. Dameron goes on to say, "It's competitive but we don't let that take over the fact that we're out there to be a team and work together to better everybody." 

The Sonoma State Men's Club Soccer Team is excited to get their season started as they've been practicing since the start of the semester. The club team has maintained a solid training regimen getting ready for the upcoming season. Sophomore Gabe Russo is in his second year on the club team and has continued practicing his craft. Russo goes on to say, "Right now we're training four times a week and integrating heavy conditioning in order to get in shape for the upcoming season." 

Russo is also optimistic about the team this season, although they have a tougher schedule than last year. Russo states, "we had a lot of new talent come this semester with the freshman class and I look forward to seeing how that will transfer on the field." Russo goes on to add that this season should be a good one, as the main goal for the team is to qualify and make a run for regionals. 

Our Sonoma State Club Team will be finding themselves in San Diego for a soccer tournament. Playing teams such as Brigham Young University, University of California Los Angeles, San Diego State University, and many other club teams. 

One of the newest members of the club team, Blake Collins, is excited for the San Diego club soccer tournament. The junior states, "I've only been down there for vacation, I'm ready to give San Diego State the business!" 

The season for the Sonoma State Men's Club Soccer Team will be starting on Sept. 22 at the Petaluma community sports field against their rivals, Chico State. Last year, the matchup ended up being a physical and intense game. Our club soccer team is excited about this matchup again. Come out and support the men’s club team as this season is turning out to be an interesting one.