Seawolves women’s volleyball undefeated in conference play

Bump, set, spike! Sonoma State Women’s Volleyball crushed the California State Monterey Bay Sea Otters in a four game match, this past Saturday. The Seawolves came out on top 3-1, continuing the successful conference start. 

Sonoma State Women’s volleyball out matched Monterey Bay in every single category. (75-69) points, (67-57) kills, (52-38) digs, (59-49) assists and (6-5) aces.

Sophomore Tate Battistini had a crushing spike that took the Otters for surprise. “I feel like personally, I was very motivated to beat Monterey Bay since they are a solid team so, I tried to give it my all for every play.” Battistini said. 

During this game Battistini reached a career-high of 19 kills against the Otters. Battistini continued to say, “After our win last night, I think it really showed the potential we have and we are super excited to keep growing together as a team.” 

Being a fresh ‘new’ team number, Battistini has high hopes in her teammates. “This year we have a really young team so it is really just about learning and getting better each game.”

The first two games Sonoma State had it in the bag, but, let it slip during game three when number 12, Adriana Baysigner, was taken out of the game with an ankle injury leading to a loss during that set. 

“Our team this year is one of a kind, we are very versatile with who we can play, every one of us ready to play and we can all get the job done.” Basinger continued, “I think one of our goals this season is to grow as a team since we are all younger, but even though we are a young team, I believe we can fight and play like an older team can.” 

Thankfully, Baysinger came back in the fourth to close it out, and won that last match with her teammates.  

During the final set, sophomore Amy Trephan came in with four kills, Baysigner had one kill and an ace by number 11 Jenna Miller. Ending the game 28-26, a Seawolf win. 

After the match, the ladies in blue improved 2-0 in the California Collegiate Athletic Association conference. Monterey Bay falls into a projected fourth place in the north division for the pre-season coaches’ poll. 

The team is looking forward to this year and the opportunities they are able to bring.

The ladies of the Sonoma State Seawolves are traveling down to Cal Poly Pomona next weekend, September 14 and will start at 7:00 pm against the Broncos.