Men’s club soccer dominates Chico

The Sonoma State Men's Club Soccer Team starts the season right by getting a win against their rivals, Chico State. With the final score of the game being 3-1, the Seawolves won the game comfortably. The team was getting contributions all around from everyone on the team and simply dominated Chico's club soccer team.

Catching up with the soccer club President Garrett Kustin, he recalls that the last time the club team beat Chico state was during his freshman year. Garrett is now a senior and is extremely happy about the results of this weekend. Kustin talked about their rivalry between Chico and how that competition pushes them to play even harder.

Kustin goes on to say, "There’s been a lot of beef between Chico and us since I’ve played for the team and the last time we beat them was my freshman year, so we were really eager to take it to them.” 

The Sonoma State club soccer team played against Chico on Saturday at the Petaluma fields and were able to send the Wildcats back to Chico as they got a complete beatdown by the Seawolves. 

The Seawolves won decisively, but it wasn't as easy as represented on the scoreboar. The Seawolves were a little shaky in the beginning but were able to get a score right out of the gate. In the 10th minute, the Seawolves would get a goal by Anthony Peri that gave their team the margin to play more comfortably. 

The Seawolves would take this lead and would never look back the whole game. Sophomore, Connor Holmes, would comment about the first few goals of the game and how they weren't the most beautiful plays.

Holmes went on to say, "The first two goals on Chico weren't anything too special, we're just lucky to get those opportunities and to gain the lead.” He continued to say, "the lead made us play more comfortable and within our own game, once we got the lead it was clear waters from then on.” 

The Seawolves would not let up in the second half and would continue on pressuring Chico's defense, they would set themselves up nicely for a goal by Jake McMahon who was set up by Sophomore Gabe Russo. 

Russo explained what he saw during that play, "basically we trapped the defender and won the ball and immediately played it to the center, we then were able to slide it across the face of the goal and Jake was able to put a nice finish on it.” Russo added that "it honestly capped the game for us because at that point we were winning 3-0, their heads were down and at that point, it was basically game over for them."

President Garrett Kustin, enjoyed the environment and the intensity of their game against Chico. 

Extremely happy about the results of that game, Kustin explains that, "It was a physical game both ways but I felt like we controlled the ball better and played the game how we wanted to.” 

Talking to Kustin about their game against Chico this year, he went on to say, "Chico always brings out a quality team and it showed as they had several chances to score and they made us work to keep possession of the ball. In the past, they have had some lights out guys that have been difference makers for them and this year they didn’t have those guys so they’re a young team."

Although Chico's team may have been younger than what they've seen in the past, this win against them is meaningful for the Seawolves. As they haven't beat Chico in a little over three years, this win shows their improvement as a team and shows that this club program is going towards the right direction. 

Kustin is excited about the rest of the season as they look solid with a deep roster. The Sonoma State club soccer team is looking to make winning moves this season. 

Kustin states, "I feel really excited about the upcoming season. We have a a lot of really young and talented guys on the team who proved to me why they got a spot on the A team. We have a tough conference ahead of us but with this win I’m confident we will do good in our league."

This season is looking to be an exciting one for the club soccer team. Next weekend the team will be traveling to San Diego for a collegiate club soccer tournament.