Getting started with intramural sports

Those looking to challenge themselves physically while also building connections with fellow Seawolves should look no further than the intramural sports program here at SSU.

Intramural sports are able to provide an outlet for students to compete and play sports but in a more relaxed environment. Club sports require travel, practice and extended seasons. Intramural sports lets people enjoy the thrill of competition but in a more casual setting.

Dylan Moyer, who graduated from Sonoma State in 2018 said, “I had a great experience during my time with intramural sports. It is a great way to get some exercise all while having fun and meeting new people. Everybody wants to get one of those coveted championship t-shirts.”

The sports for this upcoming season are indoor soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Depending on registration, the program hopes to have leagues for men’s, women’s and co-ed teams. Last year they had over 40 teams participate.

They plan on offering Pro’s and Joe’s leagues for the different sports. The Pro’s league is a higher level of competition, catering to those who already have a strong background and skill set in that sport. The Joe’s league is designed for the more casual participant and welcomes all skill levels. Having these options ensures that all participants can find the right league for them.

The season fees range from $50-$70 per team. With teams typically being between 7-10 players, this fun comes at a very cost-effective price point. You are guaranteed 4 games, with the potential for 6 depending on how your team does in playoffs. With the low cost and short seasons, intramural sports makes it easy for students to commit, knowing they can continue to focus on their other obligations.

Team applications can be found and submitted at the rec center. These are due by January 30th and on the 31st there will be a managers meeting.

If you do not have a full team to apply, there is also space for you on the free agent list. Bobby Klarman, who works as the Intramural Sports Coordinator said, “If you are trying to look for a team, come in to see us and we will put you on the free agent’s list and we’ll see if we can get you placed on a team.” He added that, “if we get enough free agents we can put them together on a team.”

If you are not able to make this upcoming season work into your schedule you will have another chance later in the spring. The second season will get started after spring break.

Whether you want to compete in the pro’s division, try a sport for the first time or meet new people while getting exercise there is a home for you within intramural sports.

Clay Nordquist, who played intramural basketball for 3 years on both men’s and co-ed teams, said that intramural sports, “are a great experience and allows you to meet new people and compete in a sport you played or are interested in playing.”

He went on to say, “I would definitely recommend it to people new to the school because it’s a way to get yourself out there and get involved.”

For more information visit the SSU intramural sports website at: