Sonoma State’s men’s soccer CCAA victory over Humboldt State

Sonoma State men’s soccer took the win with a score of 4-2 on Sept. 27 against Humboldt State in the first game of the CCAA tournament. 

Before the game, head coach Marcus Ziemer said, “This is a big game for us. We had a nice break since our last game… I’m expecting the guys to be flying.”

The game started off as Sonoma held possession of the ball and started moving up the field. As Sonoma moved up, Humboldt held their defensive line and did not let Sonoma pass. 

The Seawolves were first to every ball out of the air. Sonoma passed and moved, creating more opportunities to run up the line. This made Humboldt press harder, creating more fouls.

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In the twentieth minute, defender Devin Anderson gained possession of the ball. He had no other option and decided to pass to the goalkeeper, Derik Engebretsen. 

Engebretsen slipped on the pass back and  the ‘Jacks picked up on the mistake and followed on the ball. Humboldt State’s forward, Isaiah Dairo, scored on the mistake, making the score 1-0. 

Sonoma continued to press on Humboldt State, trying to get opportunities to tie up the game. In the twenty-ninth minute, Sonoma State’s defender Evan Roehrig caused a foul inside the Seawolves box.

The foul was called as a penalty kick and number 11 on the ‘Jacks took the kick. The shot went into the back of the net making the score 2-0. 

Sonoma began to push up the field and started creating more chances to score. Within a minute of each other, number 9 Sebastian Santos and number 16 Ulysses Vega scored to tie up the game at 2-2. 

At the end of the first half, starting goalkeeper, Derik Engebretsen was substituted out due to a game inflicted injury. Second goalkeeper, Ryan Kelly was put in to play the second half. 

The second half started strong with the Seawolves attacking on every ball. Within minutes of the second half, Sonoma was down in Humboldt’s defensive third of the field.

The ‘Jacks started to get more aggressive, creating fouls and more chances for the Seawolves to move the ball up the field. In the fifty-first minute of the game, Junior Ethan Waters received a yellow card inside Humboldt’s penalty box. 

This foul resulted in the Seawolved receiving a penalty kick, which was taken by forward Sebastian Santos. Santos shot and hit it directly to the goalkeeper who blocked the shot. Santos followed his shot and hit to the goalkeeper who blocked it again. Forward Brian Fields followed the shot and put in the back of the net, Putting the Seawolves in the lead. 

Brian Fields was injured and this was his first game after being cleared to play. Fields said “after being down 2-0, it was great to take the lead back.”

In the sixty-first minute, the Seawolves received a throw-in. Senior Evan Roehrig took the throw-in and threw it to midfielder Sean Rohane, who then gave the ball to Fields. Fields shot and scored, making the score 4-2. 

The Seawolves were quick on and off the ball throughout the game, making the ‘Jacks run back and forth to try and gain possession. 

With five minutes remaining, number 33, Jose Valencia received a yellow card near the Seawolves box. Fortunately, the Jacks did not score on the free kick.  

The game ended with the Seawolves coming out with their first conference game win. Goalscorer Ulysses Vega said, “The team played well. I am really proud of my teammates for how we responded coming back from being 2-0 down.” 

“If we keep playing this way by creating lots of chances towards goal, we will be a solid team,” said Vega.