Seawolves strong victory over Cal State East Bay

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The Sonoma State men’s soccer team brought home a win against California State East Bay on Oct. 4, with the final score being 5-1.

The Seawolves took a devastating loss against San Francisco State on Sept. 29. Going into this conference game, Captain Evan Roehrig said, “We treat every game in this conference as a must win. We have a lot of great teams in our conference and it’s incredibly competitive so we know we have to be sharp every game no matter what.”

When the game started, the Pioneers pressed hard on the Seawolves attack. The Seawolves remained calm and kept a hold on the ball. The Seawolves then started to move up the field, connecting passes as they went.

In the third minute, forward Sebastian Santos received the ball on the right side of the field. Santos finds midfielder Eduardo Lopez wide open. 

Lopez received the ball and found midfielder Ulysses Vega.Vega turned to take a shot and the ball slipped past the Pioneers keeper, putting the seawolves on the board. 

The Pioneers took the kickoff and began to  make their way up to the Seawolves defensive third, yet they lost possession and captain Evan Roehrig passed the ball around the Seawolves back line and worked it to their attacking players. 

At the eleventh minute, Pioneers defense pushed down number 11, Kyle Owings right outside the penalty box, causing the Seawolves to receive a free kick. Owings took the kick from twenty yards out, but the Pioneers defensive wall was there for the block. 

As the game went on, the Seawolves started to connect more passes and create more opportunities on goal, yet the Pioneers defense held strong and blocked Sonoma’s crosses, lessening the chances of a goal. 

As Sonoma State made their way back up the field, the players who did not have the ball were running up, creating space and passing options for their teammates. 

In the seventeenth minute, Owings received the ball and took it up the line by using all the space he was given by East Bay’s defense. 

Owings then found Santos who gained possession and gave a through ball over the defensive line to sophomore Brian Fields. Fields turned and shot, making the score 2-0.

Throughout the game, the Seawolves had shot after shot, yet they were blocked by the Pioneers goalkeeper and the defenders. This created corner kick after corner kick for the Seawolves.

At the thirty minute mark, Brian Fields took a shot, but it was deflected by the Pioneers goalkeeper, Sean O’Brien. Vega found the ball and gave it right back to Fields who took another shot and the ball hit the back of the net.

With the score of 3-0, the Pioneers started to become more aggressive and created fouls. At minute thirty-two,  defender Tyson Griffin took a shot, yet Sonoma goalkeeper Derik Engebretsen was there with the catch.

As Engebretsen had possession, midfielder Zack Mason followed the ball and kicked the keeper. Mason then received a yellow card. 

The foul kick was taken by Engebretsen who kicked it up field. The kick was the last play before ending the half. 

At half, the Seawolves were up 3-0, and outshot the Pioneers 7-3.

The Pioneers came out strong as the second half began, but within the first three minutes of the game, they created 6 fouls on the Seawolves. 

These fouls gave the Seawolves an opportunity to move up the field and keep the ball in the Pioneers defensive third.

The Seawolves had 4 shots within two minutes. The Pioneers’ goalkeeper took a goal kick in which it landed in the Seawolves defensive half. 

Pioneers’ freshman, Dominic Lewis was the one to receive the kick. He turned and found junior on the team, Stoil Ganev who scored for East Bay making the score 3-1. 

The Seawolves began to panic as their passes started to get intercepted by the Pioneers. Sonoma regained composure and started to move up the field.

In the fifty-eighth minute, Cal State East Bay’s midfielder Ishmam Rahman knocked down Sonoma State’s midfielder Sean Rohane at the top of the penalty box, creating a free kick. Rohane took the kick and it went into the bottom right corner of the net.

Less than ten minutes later, the Seawolves were back in the Pioneers defensive third. Sebasatian Santos passed the ball to Sean Rohane who gave the ball to Kyle Owings. Owings scored putting the Seawolves ahead 5-1.

The game came to an end with the Seawolves getting their second conference win. 

Number 4 and Captain, Antony Gonzalez said “The team brought a lot of energy which allowed us to show the depth of our entire team. Getting early goals allowed us to keep the game under control.”