Sonoma State’s resilience defeats rival school

The Seawolves women’s volleyball team traveled up north to play against Chico State University this past Saturday on Oct. 4 and won the match 3 sets to 1.

The Seawolves lost the first set before winning the following 3 sets. This win makes them First place in the league. They lost the first set 26-24, won the second 25-21, won the third 25-11, and won the fourth set 25-22. Sonoma state had a total of 79 points while Chico had 59. 

women against Chico.jpg

Their game plan was to play how they always play and to stay calm but never content. They don’t want to think about who was on the other side of the net, they want to focus on playing their best game.

Emily Eatin had a total of 11 points from the game with 5 kills, 2 service attempts, 8 block assists and 2 digs.“We always have our eyes out for certain players and how we’re gonna defend them. The plan was to control the things we are able to, and put pressure on the other team to make the mistakes,” said Eaton. The pressure for the other team to make mistakes are later seen during the third set.

Losing the first set did not leave the Seawolves feeling nervous or anxious. Instead they knew they could do better the following sets. “After losing the first set I think our confidence didn’t drop, we knew we could come back and do better the next game, we have enough mental toughness,” said Adriana Baysinger. 

Baysinger had 4 points from the game, with 1 kill, 1 block solo, 4 block assists and 2 digs.

Once the first set was over the pressure was on, considering the fact that this game would count for conference. The seawolves had a lot of blocks and digs during the game. They had a total of 24 block assists and 49 digs. 

The second set was intense with lots of back and forth action. The Seawolves refused to give up and were able to prevail at the end of the set.

The third set was a pivotal moment for the Seawolves. They had a total of 25 points while Chico had 11. Chico made 10 attack errors and three service errors which were taken as an advantage for Sonoma State. “We kept it low error and just put points on the board,” said Emily Eaton. 

The fourth set was a very close run for Sonoma State. The game was neck and neck, Chico let off some good kills that took the Seawolves back for a bit. The score went 7-5 in Chico’s favor, yet the Seawolves pulled through by getting consistent kills that were assisted by freshman Jenn Trephan.

It was considered a big night for freshman Jenn Trephan who had an impressive 46 assists through out the game. 

The score slowly went up for the Seawolves as it went 17-12 in their favor. Bailey Palestini and Tate Battistini put down a couple of kills to end and win the fourth set with a score of 25-22.

Battistini ended the night with 15 points, 15.5 kills, 1 block assists and 1 dig. “Everyone was calm yet aggressive and we ended the night with a really good win against Chico which now places us in the lead for the north teams,” said Tate Battistini

Overall the seawolves did an amazing job. Chico state had the first set down but the seawolves turned that around during the second. Their stats were higher than those of Chico’s. The seawolves had a total of 79 points, 6 aces, 16 blocks, 55 assists and 49 digs. Chico on the other hand 59 points, 47 kills, 7 aces, 5 blocks, 42 assists and 39 digs.  Chico had some good hitters during the game but Sonoma State had a lot of blocks and amazing digs to win the game.

Sonoma State’s next game is this Thursday Oct 10 against San Francisco State University.