Women’s volleyball defeats Cal State Monterey Bay

Seawolves volleyball is now 11-2 as they beat out Cal State Monterey Bay 3-1 in a strong win. They are on a four-game win streak as of now and dominating the NCAA Division II scoring a clean 25 in all but one set against CSMB.

womens vball against MB.jpeg

After taking the first set with ease and a close second set the score was 50-37. The Seawolves had a rough third set, but were able to stay consistent in the fourth, giving them a score of 91-85 winning the set. 

Teamwork prevailed for Sonoma State as setter Jenn Triphan had a whopping 35 assists and 10 digs. With a strong offense accumulating 61 kills and a defense that proved to be elite with 68 digs. Each player played a key role for this close fought win and have proven themselves as one of the best volleyball teams in their division. 

Middle blocker, Emily Eaton led her team with five aces and four blocks, proving herself on the court with a very solid stat line across the board. 

Eaton didn’t underestimate her opponent and was very excited about the game saying, “The game itself was super high energy from the get go. Monterey brings in a very strong presence from the moment they step into the gym and we knew we had to match that energy ourselves.” Number 4 continued by saying, “We did a really good job of that in the first set, but it became increasingly more difficult to keep that energy as the game went on and we got more tired.”

This proved to be true, energy level in the third was low and Monterey capitalized in the second half, making the game much closer than it had been. But the Seawolves came out strong in the fourth coming up with 45 team assists and 25 points.

Senior Lexi Mudd, a defensive specialist had a very strong mentality from the beginning saying, “Coming into the game I knew we just had to go out and play hard all the way through. Right now nothing in our conference is guaranteed and it doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the net, we just have to play our own game.” She carried on by stating,  “At the end I was just super proud of our team for pushing through all the adversity thrown at us and still coming out with a win.”

Players like defensive specialist Ashleigh Phelps was able to collect 24 digs while on the offensive side, outside hitter Tate Ballistini gathered 17 kills. The Seawolves didn’t let a little rough patch get them down and every single player came out strong  game in and game out. They were able to beat out Monterey in almost every statistical category and proceed to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Despite their winning streak and fantastic record, the Seawolves continue to stay humble.. 

Five year veteran Caiti Wiesner proved that humbling attitude when asked about how she thought the team played saying, “The best and worst part was how calm we played. The first two sets were great because we got our business done and didn’t have to worry about using up too much energy.” The outside hitter saw the mistake though continuing by saying, “But on the other side we’re a little too calm and that allowed them to beat us in the third game and keep the fourth game close.”

This is one of the main reasons Seawolves volleyball stays successful on the court. Not only are they physically equipped to be a strong presence on the court with an undoubtedly impressive offense and defense, but mentally as well. This mentality of humbleness gives them an edge that whether they win or lose, there is always something to work on. Even though they can’t be perfect, they strive to be and this push gives them the ability to improve going forward. Hungry for success, but pushing arrogance aside.

Sophomore redshirt Jenna Miller, who is a redshirt setter is one example of how the team tries to stay humble, never underestimating their opponent saying “We came into the game looking for a win, knowing we just had to control our side of the net and play our hardest. We knew it was going to be a tough fought battle, Monterey is always loud and brings a lot of energy.”

Sonoma State women’s volleyball looked to continue their success this weekend beating Chico State on Friday at 7 p.m. and a close lose to Stanislaus State at 7 p.m. on Saturday.