Anudokem’s 14 points lifts Seawolves past SF State Gators

The Sonoma State Seawolves women’s basketball team took a big win in their game against the San Francisco State Gators on Saturday Feb. 9. The Seawolves won with a final score of 78-65, allowing the women’s basketball team to get one step closer to qualifying for playoffs. 

The Sonoma State women’s basketball team now stands at an overall record of 9-10.

The Seawolves were determined for a strong comeback after previously losing their first game against the Gators on home territory. Despite this game being in San Francisco, the Seawolves let their presence be known by coming out hot and with lots of energy.


The Seawolves took the lead immediately with a layup by number 22 Sophie Northern. This was followed with a good 3-point shot by junior Kylie Kiech. Kiech managed to score 11 points against the San Francisco State Gators on Saturday.

Sonoma State kept the lead the entire game with the help of freshman Zane Sheckherd who scored a solid 12 points. 

When Sheckherd was asked how the team prepared for their game against the Gators she said, “We just knew we had to come out and play our game and what we know. Just the details needed to be put into this game and we did that."

Junior Ugochi Anudokem was an essential player and top scorer on the Seawolves fight to victory against the Gators. Anudokem showed her determination by dropping 14 game-defining points. 

Anudokem said, “I think the biggest thing that helped us win today’s game was definitely our defense. We always rely heavily on our defense and we did a great job at limiting San Francisco’s offensive opportunities.” 

Anudokem went on further to say that, “another thing that helped us win was the fact that we knew if we didn’t win this game, it would be much harder for us to qualify for playoffs. We had a new energy that we have never had all season. This is one of the best games we have played all season.”

The Seawolves only have a handful of games left in the season before playoffs. 

Playoffs for this team are definitely a strong motivator and push the athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. This season the Seawolves have thrived under pressure and use the competition as fuel towards reaching their goals of a championship.

Seawolves’ senior,  Brooke Santander looks forward to playing their next game against Cal State Monterey Bay. 

Santander was full of determination and confidence when she said, “There are a lot of things we felt good about leaving today’s game. Carrying over that level of energy and focus we brought today to next week’s practice will be crucial.” 

Santander went on further to say, “Every game is a battle in this league so we know we have to bring our best, especially on the road.”

The women’s basketball team plays Cal State Monterey Bay on Feb. 14 at the Otter Sports Center. Sonoma State’s next home game is on Feb. 21 at 5:30 p.m. against University of California San Diego. For more information concerning scores and game times for the women’s basketball team, visit