Athlete Spotlight: James Harwell

Junior James Harwell has made his journey from San Marcos High School, to the College of Marin, all the way to Sonoma State where he looks to capture the National Championship with the men’s baseball team.

Baseball has been Harwell’s love for as long as he can remember, “My dad put a lot of emphasis on sports in general.” Harwell says. He fell in love with baseball at age five and, “Always looked up to Derek Jeter.” 

For Harwell not only is playing the game so much fun, but he is an avid baseball watcher. Watching baseball is huge in learning the game to the fullest extent for him.

“It is funny to look back and see the different characters you have met along the way,” Harwell said. These memories are what make playing baseball at a plethora of levels  unique. “From high school to the College of Marin, and now at Sonoma State University, I have met many  personalities,” he said.


For Harwell’s first season as a Seawolf, the goal is to win the National Championship, but personally, his goal is to play baseball as long as he can. “That is why we play,” referring to playing professionally. Everyone must set their sights at the highest level because if you do not there will be no chance.

Harwell is known as a good teammate, “James is always picking people up and lightening the mood on the field.” teammate Bryce Vitt says. Baseball is such a game of failure that there need to be people who can lessen the pressure. 

Harwell loves every aspect of the game from the mental side to the physical side, as well as baseball being a game of people of all different sizes. “Small and big people can both play,” Harwell says. “Just look at the 2017 AL MVP winner and runner up,” Harwell says. The runner up was rookie Aaron Judge who is six feet seven inches. The winner was second baseman Jose Altuve who stands five feet four inches.

“I started from the beginning kindergarten-first grade,” Harwell said. Since he was five Harwell has been playing baseball and it will be a tough adjustment for him once his career finally ends. Harwell will move on as his personality is an aspect that his teammates love the most about him.

 “Baseball can get really serious, and he always reminds us to have fun.” Vitt said. 

Even though this is Harwell’s first season as a Seawolf, his outgoing nature has made it easy for him to make friends. Vitt says he is one of his closest friends on the team even though they only met at the beginning of the school year. “Since then we have been really tight friends,” Vitt said.

Harwell has a great sense of humor. “He is the joker of the team and is always very nonchalant when he plays, but that is what works for him,” said fellow teammate John Abate.

Harwell is a junior at Sonoma State giving him at least two more years to live out his dream. He hopes as many fans as possible will be at the home games this year. He and the rest of the team feel they have a team that can compete with anyone. To keep up with Harwell and the men’s baseball team, visit for their full schedule.