Seawolves drop another tough one in opener of doubleheader

The Sonoma State University Seawolves lost a close affair 9-8 to the San Francisco State Gators in game one then went on to destroy them 15-4 in a rain-shortened affair for game two. 

In the first game, the Gators were fueled by a five-run second inning, and were powered by Trevor Rogers and Brady Dorn, who both homered. 

First baseman James Harwell knows the value of being in close games. “We are always trying to get better and hard-fought games are always valuable to the learning process regardless of the outcome,” Harwell said. Every game counts for the same in the win-loss column, “since it’s so early in the season.” Harwell and his teammates feel they can build off of this game. 


The Seawolves had a one-run lead heading into the eighth, but could not hold onto that lead following a run in each of the last two innings. “We just have to stay within ourselves and not good to big,” Harwell said, referring to blowing the late game lead. 

The second game was a different story completely as the Seawolves scored seven times in the third inning and never looked back. The game was postponed to next week in the bottom of the eighth inning due to rain. The Seawolves lead 15-4 and were well on their way to getting their first conference win of the year. 

The hitters had a nice first game, but it really took off in the second one. “We all started weighting back and seeing good pitches,” senior outfielder Anthony Clyma said. 

The offense was not a problem in either game. The pitching struggled the first game. Once the offense gets going it is often contagious “We got momentum going and it was over,” Clyma says.

Each series is unique, but ending one on a positive note really helps give a team extra energy going into the next series. You always want to finish on a win, reiterated the players. 

“I believe we will take that momentum into the next series,” Clyma says. 

The Seawolves have been getting less practice time in because of the rain and with less rain, the Seawolves can make some big strides. “It has been hard to get consistent work in with the weather being the way it has.” Clyma said.

He went on to say that early in the season it’s more about finding a groove with the team. The Seawolves will be rewarded with wins if they continue to grind away at practice.

San Francisco State second baseman Kyler Crone was impressed by the Seawolves offense and believes they will be there at the end competing for a chance to win the conference. The Seawolves last NCAA tournament appearance was in 2014, making them hungry to get back to that stage.

The next time the Seawolves will be in action is Friday, Feb. 24, the beginning of a four-game series. There will be one game Friday, followed by a doubleheader Saturday, and one final game to wrap it up Monday. Before that happens the Seawolves must finish their game against the Gators. There is no reschedule date yet--one will soon be determined.