Men’s baseball wins both games versus Stanislaus State

An enduring spectacle happened on our home baseball diamond, as the Sonoma State University Seawolves beat Stanislaus State University in a 5-2 game, followed by a nail-biting victory with a last minute 4-3 win.  

The first was an action game focused on offense as both teams were hitting well and running up the score. The second was a slower more defensive battle as the Seawolves proved that they would not stop their dominance over Stanislaus University.

Shortstop Dan Deely understood the effort his team was putting in and it showed. “[We] made the plays to make sure we could get the win,” Deely said. This idea was best understood by the offensive work they put on as well as their defensive effort. When asked about the team goals for the game, Sir Gomez, junior pitcher, said, “play hard, play aggressive.”


To prove their dominance in the first game, the Seawolves had an energizing double play on defense. As the ball was hit high it was caught successfully and thrown home to stop Stanislaus University from scoring and giving the Seawolves their next chance to hit. 

In the second game the Seawolves defense was shaky at best. Letting two runs come in early in the first inning proved that Stanislaus State University was not going to let the Seawolves walk over them.

Defensive errors lead to a sloppy start as Stanislaus held the lead until the bottom of the sixth. With a brief slip up in Stanislaus’ defense, they attempted to tag the second place bag to stop the Seawolves. The throw ended up hitting the player and that allowed the Seawolves to take advantage of the scrambling Stanislaus team by making a single into a double that finally put them on the board. 

This brought the energy back to the Seawolves as they followed that play with another run to only then be down by one.

As Stanislaus University was dominant in the first couple of innings the Seawolves owned the game in the final innings. Josh Lenney was the player at bat for the final run in the second game. When asked how the team improved and came back to get the win, “[We] got it going, [which] put the team back together,” Lenney said. Even with his valuable effort he focused on the team aspect of the game and complimented the pitchers on their tireless work. 

Tyson Canfield, the Pitcher who finished off the second game had some thoughts on how he puts his team first. “[I] go out there and give everything I can for the team and hopefully come out on top,” Canfield said. 

As the Seawolves take the doubleheader victory today with great poise they seem to be making great strides in the right direction as these two wins come at no better time. They have been struggling with weather and tough loses, but for now they can have a sigh of relief after this win. 

As the Seawolves are early in their season there is still much work to be done. 

The Seawolves face off with Holy Names this Wednesday. Followed by a short break the team will then travel down to Southern California for several games against UC San Diego. The second half of playing Southern California teams will be held here on campus against Cal State San Marcos. For more information regarding the team visit