Athlete Spotlight: Jensyn Warren

Senior Jensyn Warren eyes the top spot in the country as the women’s tennis team opens their 2019 campaign.

Warren comes into the season as the  number 15 ranked singles player in the country. She is entering her final season at Sonoma State and wants to make it one to remember. 

Her background in tennis started when she was 7 years old. She said, “My dad introduced me to the sport and I grew up playing with him for the most part ever since. I obviously fell in love with the sport and played all four years through high school.” 

After a very successful high school career, Warren came to Sonoma State to continue her development. While here at she has compiled over 75 wins in singles play. 

She gives a lot of credit to her current and past coaches for her success. “Coming in as a freshman I had Jose who is now the men’s head coach. So I think those two years having Joaquin [Lopez] and Jose as coaches was amazing, those are probably the two best coaches I have ever had,” said Warren.

The humble Warren also praised the coaching staff for their guidance on and off the court. She said they have, “helped me so much with all aspects of tennis. Not just winning and losing but off the court as a person. They have helped me grow and mature into who I am today and I think my tennis is where it is at now because of them.”

jensyn warren.jpg

Warren and the rest of the team have now completed their preseason play and are excited to get into regular season play. They have lost some players but the core of the team is as close as ever. 

As this is her final season as a Seawolf she said, “It is a little different this year because we only have seven players but I’m really excited. I’m getting bittersweet feelings going into the season since it is my last one. It is going to be crazy leaving this whole atmosphere and leaving the coaches but I’m definitely excited.”

Coming in as a top-ranked player nationally is familiar territory for Warren and she looks to improve on her already strong ranking. She has been ranked in the top five in previous season’s and is hungry for the top spot. She said, “I definitely want to get to #1 in the nation by the end of the year. I think that it is a possibility and within arms reach.”

Warren is equally committed to moving the entire team forward as they hope to become ranked. She has clearly been able to lead on the court and as an established senior she is comfortable being the leader for the team. She said, “I have had to take the role of being the leader and trying to progress our team as much as I can. That has been hard at times but for the most part I really like it. I think the girls seem to like it so it has been good so far.” 

She will be graduating with a degree in marketing and hopes to pursue a career professionally after her time at Sonoma State. While she has big plans for her future, Warren is more focused than ever on making her final season the best one yet.

The team will open the season against Mills on Friday, Feb. 8th. Their home opener will take place the next day on Saturday, Feb. 9th against Stanislaus State.