Women’s basketball battles for key win

The Sonoma State Women’s Basketball team is optimistic about the remaining season. The Seawolves defeated Cal State Los Angeles on Saturday with a final score of 66-63. 

As Seawolves settle back from winter break, the athletes are gearing up to continue their success on the court. Sophie Northern, a junior guard, has a lot of confidence in her teammates following Saturday night’s win. 

“Saturday was a great game because we came out strong in the first half and hit them hard,” Northern said. “That allowed us to weather their storm in the second half and come away with a much needed win.”


With a 12-15 record last season, the team lost in the playoffs against the UC San Diego Titans during the first round of the CCAA Championship Tournament. Now with an 8-10 record, the Seawolves are attempting to bounce back from last season. 

The team will surely have to overcome a few challenges this spring but are confident they can qualify again for playoffs.

“We had a tough time running some of our offense in the second half,” explained Northern. “We needed to make sure all five players on the court were in sync. A couple of times, that was not the case.”

The team hopes to improve their record in San Francisco this Saturday. 

“We play San Francisco State next, who we lost to at home a couple weeks ago,” said Northern. “We need to come out with intensity and make sure we follow a game plan to a tee. They have some talented players that we’ll need to stop. Mostly it is making sure we don’t beat ourselves.” 

The team has proved time and time again that they can win together if they execute as a team. Hoping to qualify for the postseason, new and returning players must motivate each other on and off the basketball court. 

“Our team goals consistently evolve to make sure we are pushing ourselves and striving to be the best version of our team and try to set ourselves up to be successful,” the junior guard said. “Right now we are taking it game by game, focussing on the opponent right in front of us so we can eventually put ourselves in a position to win in the postseason.”

Our Seawolves will surely have to overcome a few challenges this spring but are confident they can qualify again for playoffs. With several new additions to the team, many players will continue to adjust to new changes in play style.

“Last season, the team made it into the postseason and fell short early, but we are looking to improve this year,” claimed Northern. “We have nine new players this season so we have had to adjust and learn to play with each other. We are at a point in the season where we are beginning to roll and really mesh together.”

The Sonoma State Women’s Basketball Team is prepared for a successful season while looking to improve on their weaknesses from last season. The team will continue to adjust to the addition of several new players as they learn to play with one another. Returning players including Sophie Northern will also help ensure the team’s appearance in the postseason.