Men’s golf places 1st overall at SoCal Intercollegiate

The Sonoma State Men's Golf team traveled to Santee, California last weekend to compete in a tournament at the Carlton Oaks Golf Club. This tournament was hosted by the Academy of Arts. Here, 16 teams showcased their skills meaning the Seawolves were forced to compete with some great competition. Some teams that made the trip as well were Western New Mexico University, California State University, East Bay, and the University of California, San Diego. 

The team travelled down on Sunday. 

The Seawolves brought five of their seven team members to travel and compete. Throughout the two day tournament the competition was non-stop. The team played 54 overall holes throughout the tournament which equated to two rounds on Monday and one on Tuesday. This means that each member of the Seawolves would be testing themselves against at least 18 challenging holes a day. The team travelled to San Diego and spent the night in a hotel.

When talking to senior golfer Dexter Simonds, he helped explain how the tournament was scored when saying, “Each team brings five players and for each round you take the best four scores from your team… The lowest team score after three rounds wins.” With these rules, each team must focus on playing every hole with passion. Each of the five team members contributes to the teams overall score which means teamwork is essential when placing high in the standings.

The group achieved first place out of fifteen teams. A phenomenal team win will surely help their national rankings in the future. Another team member, junior Blake Bourelle shot third lowest of the tournament. This accomplishment meant that the Seawolves took care of business individually and as a team.

With every successful placing there are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made. The team was satisfied with their first place placement. When talking to Junior Devin Gregg he described their time in San Diego saying, “We went out to dinner one night but besides that it was mainly just business. The team clearly took care of business and earned themselves the number one spot which will surely help them on the national rankings.”

The teams season is far from over. After a win it is easy to be complacent but the Seawolves are going to continue to work hard and focus on growing as a team. When asked about what the team could possibly improve on senior golfer Spencer Clapp said, “We learned that we need to stay mentally tough out there.”

The teams next tournament is on March 18 and 19. The team will be competing in East Bay’s Tim Tierney Pioneer Shootout. To help support the team or follow their future tournaments visit