Women’s tennis team wins two games in Oakland

Sonoma State women’s tennis team got a great win as they finally returned to play after weeks of rained out matches. The women's tennis team got to test their skills as they traveled to Oakland to play against two schools, Mills College and Holy Names University. 

With the lack of play the Seawolves had to bite the bullet and jump in these matches with little preparation. As the skies clear, it seems that the Seawolves put their best foot forward and delivered flawless matches.

A dominating start against  Mills College prepared them for the more challenging Holy Names University. Senior Clarisa Colling said, “Mills isn’t very challenging but their team is sweet and we love how they just enjoy tennis.” 

Even with an easier team, the Seawolves lack of practice was noticeable. Junior Jenna DeTurk was well aware of the Seawolves condition. “I think all of us felt a little bit rusty today because we haven’t been able to practice or play enough matches because of the rain,” said DeTurk.

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In the first game against Mills College the Seawolves commanded the court, not losing a match to finish off the Cyclones 7-0.

The matches against Mills College prepared them for Holly Names. “Holy Names is a tough team this year and we didn’t lose any matches to them,” said Deturk. DeTurk got to play both doubles and singles matches against the Hawks. She won doubles with her partner Hannah Highsmith by an astounding five sets. DeTurk also finished strong in the singles match battling it out to get the win. The Seawolves were able to pull off all of the matches for the second win of that day.

Freshman Carolyn Brooner was quite pleased with the result of her team. “Everyone gave their all in their matches and we ended up beating the Hawks 7-0,” Brooner said.

As the Seawolves take on a double victory they still need to be aware that there are improvements needed to be made. “We can improve as a team is [by] staying fresh and active since we haven’t had a lot of match play this year. Its hard to get conditioning in.” Brooner said 

With unfavorable tennis weather, the Seawolves have had trouble finding time to practice for upcoming matches. Restricting the amount of court time without a doubt will have an impact on their play. This will be most evident when the Seawolves face off against teams that have been able to train throughout the season on a dry court.  

According to DeTurk, a team goal is,“continuing to find ways to improve our game through conditioning and mental work, while weren't  able to play on the court.”

With clearer skies in the forecast, the Seawolves will be able to get out to practice on the court more. “Personal goals for upcoming matches are to stay loose and play my game under pressure,” DeTurk stated. 

As a senior Collings understands that this is the time to reach her goals and push her team. “I want to enjoy the time I have left being a student-athlete and spending time with my teammates,” Collings said. “As a team, I think our overall goal is to make it to nationals. Sonoma State Women’s tennis has never been this strong as a team and we are really close to beating the toughest team in the nation.” Collings said.

With eyes on the future, the Seawolves next games will be on Sonoma State campus against Rollins College on Tuesday, March 12.